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GDPR Maturity: Study Report

In June of 2018, one month past the initiation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Knowledgent set out to understand the maturity of GDPR compliance programs across all major industries.... READ MORE

Getting Ready for EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The continued digitization of the world economy brings with it the increasing reliance on the processing of personal data. While it provides tremendous opportunities for business growth and consumer benefits, it accompanies the importance of protecting personal data.... READ MORE

The Ever-Evolving Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Ecosystem

It’s hard to turn on the news or visit a news site and not see at least one article or segment about how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) are changing the world around us. Even though AI/ML is starting to become pervasive, we are only in the initial stages of its full-fledged adoption.... READ MORE

Data Governance Practical Application Techniques: Part 2 – Governance at Point of Use

Data Governance has been with us for quite some time now, and for years has regularly been cited as a corporate objective for many companies. ... READ MORE

Data Governance Practical Application Techniques: Part 1 - Data Governance As A Service

Data Governance has been with us for quite some time now, and for years has regularly been cited as a corporate objective for many companies. While there have been some notable success stories, many companies have found it difficult to get Data Governance to stick... READ MORE

Driving Insight into Patient Health Risks, Costs, and Outcomes with Big Data Analytics

Excellence in Population Health Management (PHM) has long been a goal of Provider groups seeking to leverage clinical and financial data to improve patient outcomes and decrease the cost of care. Attempts to achieve successful PHM have persisted for years, but Providers have continued to run into barriers to adoption, including justification of the necessary investment, complexities in data-wrangling and Risk Scoring, and ineffective Patient Outreach campaigns. ... READ MORE

Hadoop for Health Insurance: Driving Innovation in Data and Analytics

The future of the healthcare industry rests in the promise of collecting, analyzing and taking action on the output of larger amounts of information. Through the advancements in big data, machine learning, and advanced analytics, healthcare organizations can leverage and manipulate data to improve overall member health, reduce costs, improve quality, and manage clinical and financial risk. In order to improve their ability to store and analyze their data, healthcare organizations are required to implement a robust data management strategy.... READ MORE

Risk Scoring: Big Data and Advanced Analytics Further Evolve the Healthcare Model

With expenses rising and margins shrinking across the healthcare landscape, it’s critical that payers and providers alike leverage their member demographic and medical data to gain predictive and informative insights into the health conditions faced by each member.... READ MORE

Driving Data Agility with the Data Lake

Creating a data lake can bring tremendous value and flexibility to your organization, and provide your business teams with the information and insight needed to achieve their goals. Building a data lake requires good planning and the establishment of a solid architectural, organizational, and governance foundation. ... READ MORE

Data Lake Opportunities in Healthcare

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grab headlines across all industries, Healthcare has seen an explosion of data over the last few years as more entities become technology enabled through Electronic Medical Records (EMRs).... READ MORE

Data Governance for the Data-Driven Enterprise

The hope is that the next time you are involved in a major information management and analytics program you will recognize the importance of establishing Data Governance and work with all stakeholders to put this important function in place prior to embarking on the program.... READ MORE

Big Data Enabling Better Pharmacovigilance

With the proliferation of social media and the release of data from large study endeavors such as the Human Genome Project, data sources are only increasing today and will only continue to increase at a faster rate. Patient registries may be able to get near real-time data from wearable technologies, and Health Information Exchanges will be an increasingly important source of information.... READ MORE

Best Practices for Enterprise Search: Breaking the Five-Year Replacement Cycle

Companies across all industries need to understand that web search is a very different from enterprise search. On the web most content is the same type (such as html pages), there are a limited set of query operations supported, and there is new content all the time. In the enterprise, content is highly variable, there are a huge range of query operations, and content is actually added relatively slowly.... READ MORE

2015 Big Data Survey: Current Implementation Challenges

To better understand the challenges faced by organizations trying to leverage Big Data, Knowledgent recently conducted a survey designed to gauge the levels of difficultly experienced in key areas that, in Knowledgent’s perspective, are potential pain points. In this survey, we asked questions relative to the status of Big Data initiatives and projects and the value being received by these efforts.... READ MORE

Big Data Analytics in Life Sciences and Healthcare: An Overview

This white paper provides an overview of big data analytics as an emerging discipline in life sciences and healthcare. It explores the characteristics of this trend and the benefits of leveraging big data analytics within these sectors. It also touches on the challenges and future directions of big data analytics in the life science and healthcare industries.... READ MORE

Basel and Beyond: Transforming Regulatory Burden into Business Opportunity

This white paper brings forth the evolution of the regulatory risk reporting environment, detail specific critical elements of the primary regulatory rules, and propose a framework for ensuring a readiness in data management capabilities that drives compliance. It provides guidelines to help financial institutions navigate the complexities of regulatory requirements and to transform regulatory burdens into business opportunities. It explores the key regulatory requirements that could impact risk data governance, aggregation and reporting for financial institutions operating both globally and in the United States. It also looks at how these “regulatory burdens” on risk data may also open significant business opportunities to streamline global operations and enhance risk management systems.... READ MORE

Building a Successful Data Quality Management Program

This paper describes a foundational approach for building a successful Data Quality Management (DQM) Program to address these key business challenges and opportunities. It explains how DQM fits within a larger Enterprise Information Management framework. It also covers all aspects of the DQM cycle, including quantitative and qualitative measures of Data Quality, and includes key tenets for getting your DQM Program started.... READ MORE

How to Design a Successful Data Lake

This white paper explores existing challenges with the enterprise data warehouse and other existing data management and analytic solutions. It describes the necessary features of the Data Lake architecture and the capabilities required to leverage a Data and Analytics as a Service (DAaaS) model. It also covers the characteristics of a successful Data Lake implementation and critical considerations for designing a Data Lake.... READ MORE

Applying Big Data to One of the World’s Biggest Problems: Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer's is a global crisis. Nearly 44 million people worldwide suffer from dementia, and this number will spike to 115 million by 2050. The crisis is not particular to the rich world. Nearly 60 percent of the burden of dementia is in low- and middle-income nations. And this percentage will rise.... READ MORE

Developing an MDM Strategy: Key Components for Success

More organizations are leveraging applications that require shared, synchronized information, thus driving the need for a single view of key data entities commonly used across the organization. At the technical view, the drivers and fundamentals of master data management (MDM) can be summarized as processes... READ MORE

Big Data and Healthcare Payers

With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the advent of Healthcare Information Exchanges (HIE), the introduction of new provider models, such as Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), and the transition to a more member-centric relationship model,... READ MORE

Leveraging Information to Drive Insurer Growth

In the highly competitive insurance industry, leveraging information has become a key focal point for driving insurer growth, and ultimately value, and is frequently referred to as “Information Monetization” or “Information Value Release.” Having a holistic view of the ... READ MORE

Top 10 questions for choosing the best SQL-on-Hadoop solution

More organizations are turning to Hadoop for their Big Data analytics needs, specifically storing and processing large datasets. Hadoop and its collection of components – HDFS, MapReduce, Pig, Hive, Zookeeper, etc. – provide a platform to store a large quantity of data ... READ MORE

Risk Based Monitoring

The current clinical trial climate demands that sponsors of clinical trials find ways to reduce clinical trial complexity, drug development costs, and get more value from limited research and development budgets. Regulatory agencies such as the U.S. FDA, MHRA and EMEA have determined... READ MORE

Care Management Analytics

Health insurers have several business imperatives heading into 2013, including preparations for Health Insurance Exchanges (HIX), ICD-10 preparations, 2014 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements, value-based network development programs (e.g. ACOs, PCMH), care management and clinical decision support, B2C model enhancements, consolidation and perhaps global expansion.... READ MORE

Business Process Management Adoption

Business Process Management (BPM) brings stability and productivity to client reporting organizations, but without the right business architecture integration challenges can hinder usability and adoption.... READ MORE

Leveraging Information to Accelerate Client Value

Financial services companies continuously look for innovative ways to obtain more revenue and improve their competitive rank. Leveraging information is now an essential way to achieve these goals and is frequently referred to as “Information Monetization” or “Information Value Release.”... READ MORE

Xcelerated Business Insights: Going beyond business intelligence to drive information value

Today’s growing commercial, operational and regulatory pressures underscore the importance of information management. Access to critical business information at the right time is essential to maintain competitive advantage. Despite industry progress, Enterprise Information Management (EIM) professionals continue to face implementation challenges due to the ever increasing and innovative ways information is used throughout the enterprise. Common practical challenges:... READ MORE

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