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Knowledgent was purpose built to provide our clients with a rich set of abilities that combine Domain Expertise with Data and Computer Science. We were founded with the core mission of improving lives and business through data. This means maximizing the potential of all available data to realize game-changing decision-making capabilities that drive innovation. We are focused on optimizing the fundamental foundation of enterprise data and enabling the implementation of advanced analytic capabilities, delivering critical new insights and prescriptive actions.

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  • EIM & MDM Strategy
  • BI & Visualization Strategy
  • Next Gen Architecture
  • Tools/Tech Assessment
  • Data as a Service
  • Data Lake & MDM Implementations
  • Data Integration
  • DG & DQ Tool Implementation

How do you leverage your data? To help organizations maximize business results through data and analytics, this is one of the first questions that needs to be answered. Organizations today are inundated with the…

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Analytics and Visualization
  • Data Science
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Optimization /Prescriptive Analytics
  • Natural Language Processing / Text Analytics
  • Enterprise Search Implementation
  • KPIs / Metrics Calculation & Visualization
  • Data Visualization / BI Dashboard Development

In recent years, data has gained traction as a rapidly growing, strategic asset. Mobile devices, social media, and what has become known as the “Internet of Things” are contributing to this increase in information…

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Governance and Operations
  • Data Governance Framework Definition
  • Operating Model Definition
  • DQM Framework Definition
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Risk, Compliance & Operational Effectiveness
  • Program Management
  • Big Data COEs
  • Data Monetization

With more organizations viewing information as a strategic asset, it is increasingly critical to stay on top of emerging data management trends and technologies to actively meet the challenges of a data-driven business. Ensuring…

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Case Studies

Our dynamic, data-focused solutions help organizations across all industries leverage information in new and game-changing ways. Our Informationist teams deliver at all phases of development, from ideation to execution, driving innovation.

Financial Services Life Sciences Healthcare Products & Services

Upskilling for Big Data

How a multinational financial services corporation maximized ROI on advanced big data analytics technology.

Our client had recently invested significant time, money, and resources in new hardware and software to enable advanced big data analytics capabilities, but they did not know how to get the most out of their investment. On the technology front, it was imperative that the advanced analytics team had not only the knowledge but also the skills to take full advantage of their new hardware and software. We assessed their skills to grasp their current understanding and identify gaps, and then designed a training plan aligned to the requirements of the new technology environment to bridge those gaps and help the advanced analytics team learn what they needed to know.Following our customized training plan, the advanced analytics team was able to learn the big data skills necessary to operate effectively in their new technology environment.

Real-World Evidence Infrastructure

How a biopharmaceutical firm built a “data science” infrastructure to leverage real-world evidence

Our client wanted to enable internal resources (both technical and non-technical) to perform basic-level analysis, such as building patient cohorts, analyzing health resource utilization, inspecting treatment pathways, and disease progression across their product portfolio and areas of interest. They wanted to leverage real-world evidence and observational medical outcome information to support clinical and commercial operations, medical affairs, and ultimately expand to drug safety and learning development. Knowledgent built self-serve analysis tools that analysts with limited technical background could use, and educated the client on Hadoop and other relevant technologies that enable it. The faster, cost-efficient, self-serve analytic capabilities enabled new research capabilities, and a more comprehensive toolset for different types of analytics.

Enabling Advanced Analytics

How a healthcare payer transformed its enterprise data warehousing to enable advanced analytics.

Our client’s Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) team had defined an Enterprise Data Warehousing strategy, architecture and roadmap that move them towards an information-centric culture of analytics. They wanted to rapidly mature their EDW environment more by improving data governance and also to create environment where business users could perform advanced analytics. Our team defined the success criteria for the program, established a reference architecture, and developed a roadmap and corresponding set of recommendations for the maturation of our client’s data exploration capabilities. At the end of the project, our client had a scalable and sustainable data capability that facilitated data-driven decision making.

Knowledge-Driven 360 Degree Customer View

How a Transportation and Package Delivery Company Expanded their MDM Program to Drive Customer Insights.

A transportation and package delivery company needed to expand their current MDM program to include enterprise customer requirements and derive relationships with other valid customer definitions. They needed a partner with hands-on experience in recommending and fine-tuning high performing systems, and one that successfully helped large enterprises execute MDM programs. Knowledgent created a knowledge-driven customer focus that connected various organizations with a 360° view and provided up-to-date detailed information for any customer across multiple platforms. The scalable technology architecture created future-proof system for ongoing success.

Managing Risk

How a global insurance brokerage protected against regulatory and reputational risk.

Our client, a global insurance brokerage, was struggling with a 5+-year-old proprietary system for managing conflicts of interest. There was no strong business ownership of the system, and they also had to deal with poor data quality, high amounts of “noise” in system due to lack of data governance, and limited IT support. Our team documented current state system architecture and process flows, identified key gaps and pain points in system architecture, functionality and data, and crafted future recommendations for moving the initiative forward. Following our approach, our client gained clarity around use cases and ownership, identified immediate action items to address deficiencies and close gaps, and a cost-effective technology solution utilizing existing infrastructure and leveraging parallel IT efforts.

Master Data Management Strategy

How a global pharmaceutical company enabled strategic insights for better decisions.

Our client had multiple operational and technical factors leading to inadequate Master Data Management (MDM). Architectural and platform centralization challenges, or data silos, were decreasing the data viability and confidence in aggregated findings. They had no technology or process is place for to ensure data quality. Knowledgent developed an overall MDM strategy to integrate ERP, sales, finance, marketing and other types of data, and developed data quality business rules and processes for cleansing and standardizing the data. The result enabled improved strategic customer, vendor, and product decisions, and increased regulatory compliance through traceable data lineage. The accessible customer master and hierarchy also enabled better forecasting and sales/marketing opportunity identification.

Maximizing Big Data ROI

How a major health payer realized $100 million ROI on their big data project.

A major Healthcare Payer was struggling to evaluate and analyze the large data sets required to provide better care management to members. As a long-term objective, our client’s primary goal was clear: to operationalize the ability to quickly ingest data and provide analytics to help grow the business and increase innovation. To address our client’s main goal, we spearheaded the data ingestion component of a large-scale Hadoop/HortonWorks environment. As a result of the improved data architecture and analytical capabilities, our client realized $100M ROI on the project. With a team of data scientists now equipped to provide leading-edge analysis to the organization, our client could evaluate misdiagnoses for specific disease states faster and more accurately. In addition, the Business Information Architecture (BIA) was specifically crafted to enable our client to achieve future-state objectives.

Formalizing a Data Operating Model

How a top 5 cable television, internet, and VoIP provider enabled better C-level reporting metrics.

The company wanted to drive CEO/Board reporting on their key operating metrics to assess the heath of their business, however, they were stymied by lack of access to trustworthy data. Their data governance infrastructure had not been formalized strategically. There was no operating model and role definition as pertaining to the data governance of key high-value business metrics. There were inconsistent processes for business metrics definition, ownership, as well as change and issue management of these high value metrics. Knowledgent expanded the Data Governance Board’s mission and created a formalized charter to drive accountability, and developed a scalable data governance organizational structure and operating model. We also developed a strategic roadmap for key data governance activities that balanced process, organizational, and technology impacts.

Regulatory Compliance

How a multi-national bank enabled compliance through data governance.

The client was subject to a number of Dodd/Frank regulations including Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) legislation. They had significant procedure and data quality challenges associated with the Fed submission files needed to prove the bank had the appropriate capital reserves mainly due to highly manual and costly processes needed to run edit checks. Knowledgent worked with the bank to prioritize the future submissions that would be part of an initial set of projects to focus on process automation and data quality assurance. They identified the appropriate sources of data needed for the target submissions with a focus on known issues and analysis needed for potential issues. A significant number of data quality issues were identified and resolved with edits applied to the source data files upon the extraction of the files from the data sources.

Big Data Strategy

How a global pharmaceutical company derived critical insights through big data.

Our client, a global pharmaceutical company, needed to implement a customized Hadoop-based analytical solution to support research and discovery. This would enable our client to not only leverage real-world data, but also to then connect that information with their internal data to drive new correlations, patterns, and insights. We stepped in to lay the data foundation for our client’s real-world and health information analytics. Rapidly populating all data sets into (Hadoop Distributed File System) HDFS without any complex data modeling effort was a top priority. By the end of the project, our client had over 200 billion records and three terabytes of data populated into HDFS, as well as linked Patient Health Records and Genetic, Molecular, and Associated Pipeline Drugs, using a disease ontology based on ICD-9. Unlike a traditional relational database, this functional Hadoop ecosystem was neither highly structured nor tremendously expensive.

Data-Driven Targeted Marketing

How a healthcare company used data to improve their marketing campaigns.

A healthcare management firm with about 20 million patient members engaged us to do a market segmentation study to increase engagement across their member population. Our team aggregated both member attributes and third-party data and conducted A/B testing to determine the best channels and messaging to engage the population, resulting in a 20% increase in engagement for members who received emails. In addition to this increase, another positive result of this project was our ability to positively affect patient health outcomes.

Enterprise Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Data Strategy

How a Global Hotel and Hospitality Company Derived Critical Insights from their Data.

A global hotel and hospitality company did not effectively manage or leverage its data assets to utilize customer and business intelligence for strategic growth and competitive advantage. Knowledgent delivered an enterprise data strategy that was inclusive of a current state evaluation and future state recommendations across their information management data, technology, analytics, processes, and organization. A detailed business case was developed that highlighted the benefits and ROI that would be achieved if the recommendations were made. Knowledgent also supported the company as they sought capital funding for the project through executive management.

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