Strategy and Engineering How do you leverage your data? To help organizations maximize business results through data and analytics, this is one of the first questions that needs to be answered. Organizations today are inundated with the overwhelming number of emerging tools and technologies available for big data, enterprise data warehousing, master data management, and other data-focused disciplines. However, few organizations have the knowledge and experience to develop the strategies and to engineer the solutions necessary to gain data-driven insights.

While the intrinsic value of big data, master data management, and other data capabilities can be captured in a few simple sentences, their implementation is anything but straightforward. Organizations need an actionable roadmap and plan comprising people, process, and technology improvements that result from a comprehensive assessment of their existing data management capabilities, prioritized data-related goals, and business value drivers. With this strategy in place, the next step is to engineer the solution through disciplined yet agile, phased execution of an organization’s data management strategy. Leveraging a timely and cost-effective strategic approach provides incremental business benefits at the conclusion of each phase. Without this meticulous attention to both the strategy and engineering elements, organizations will be unable to realize the full potential of their data.

Knowledgent helps organizations modernize their data foundations. We design executable data management strategies tailored to each client’s specific capabilities and objectives. Once we have worked with an organization to develop a strategy, we implement and execute customized solutions using leading-edge techniques and technologies to ensure that the organization maximizes the value of its information. Our fit-for-purpose solutions produce business value well in excess of the organization’s investment in our partnership.

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