Real World Evidence

Knowledgent, Part of Accenture helps derive critical insights from real world data with our Real World Evidence Platform built on Amazon Web Services.

Knowledgent, Part of Accenture provides out-of-the box data standardization to OMOP for Truven and Optum data. Our Cohort Builder, with export capabilities, enables detailed analysis by any analytic tool of your choice.

The platform also offers standard visualizations that will drive engagement in the data. The platform is extendable; additional data sources can be incorporated, visualizations can be added, and the Cohort Builder can include therapy-specific inclusion/exclusion criteria.

Cohort Builder

The Cohort Builder accelerates time-to-value, minimizes delivery risk, and contains standard visualizations.

  • Built using open-source technologies eliminating the cost of software licensing fees

  • Can be supported through a managed service contract

  • Can be modified to meet specific needs, rather than waiting for a new release that might contain the needed functionality

OMOP Standardization

No single observational data source provides a comprehensive view of the clinical data a patient accumulates while receiving healthcare, and therefore none are sufficient to meet all expected outcome analysis needs. This leads to the need for assessing and analyzing multiple data sources concurrently using a common data standard. This standard is provided by the OMOP Common Data Model (CDM).

Knowledgent, Part of Accenture’s OMOP Standardization:

  • Standardizes all data assets into a single CDM that researchers and business analysts understand

  • The Knowledgent Cohort Builder utilizes the OMOP common data model enabling analytics tools to be used across diverse data sources

  • The CDM accommodates both Claims and EMR

  • Supports collaborative research –researchers only need to understand one standard to be effective with the data and explore multiple real-world data sources with one set of tools

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