New White Paper Explores Data Lake Opportunities in the Healthcare Industry

DataLakeOpps-inHCWARREN, NJ – September 1, 2015 – Knowledgent, the data and analytics firm, today announced a new white paper that highlights the opportunities for advanced analytics utilizing data lakes in the healthcare industry.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grab headlines across all industries, Healthcare has seen an explosion of data over the last few years as more entities become technology enabled through Electronic Medical Records (EMRs).

With the enormous amounts of healthcare data that have become available in the majority of healthcare organizations, such as providers, payers, pharmaceuticals and third-party vendors; there are unique opportunities to leverage these sources of information for analytical insight.

“This data can be used to gain insights for improving quality of care and preventing resource waste,” said Matt Arellano, Healthcare Partner, Knowledgent. “The complexity of these sometimes new and emerging data sources present challenges in achieving strategic analytics, and within the subsequent applications in a clinical environment.”

Titled, “Data Lake Opportunities in Healthcare”, this white paper details the data sources available in healthcare, the types of advanced analytics enabling Population Health Management, and how the data lake architecture is ideal to manage the various types of structured and unstructured data.

Fundamentally there is a lot to gain for the healthcare industry by utilizing the data lake architecture to help derive cost- and life-saving insights through the mass volumes of data becoming available. The future of healthcare looks bright and data is the shining star.

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