Sinequa Partners with Knowledgent to Leverage Big Data Search & Analytics Solutions

WARREN, NJ and New York, NY– 31 March 2015 – Knowledgent, the data and analytics firm, and Sinequa, one of the leading companies in Real-Time Big Data Search & Analytics software, announced today a strategic partnership to deliver a scalable solution for unified access to the heterogeneous big data landscape  in clients’ organizations. As part of this partnership, the two companies will collaborate on big data analytics & search solutions that leverage Sinequa’s Search & Analytics platform for structured & unstructured data and Knowlegent’s business and industry expertise.

Knowledgent’s data and analytics practice has been enabling clients to gain significant business insights by leveraging structured and unstructured data, both internal and external to an organization and by combining data and analytics with industry domain expertise. Knowledgent has observed that clients struggle with the ability to connect and curate structured and unstructured data across a wide range of sources and silos, resulting in costs and delays, as often manual and non-scalable solutions are implemented.

Sinequa’s unique offering allows clients to gain access quickly from their structured & unstructured data-sources. Sinequa’s 140 off the shelf connectors to diverse data-sources and its unmatched indexing engine with natural language processing (NLP) in 20 different languages will enable deployments to be completed rapidly and successfully. The Sinequa platform is a key component in the creation of multiple business critical applications that, in the past, have struggled to get off the ground.

“Knowledgent’s data and analytics practice has enabled clients to successfully uncover critical business insights through structured and unstructured data,” said Tom Johnstone, Managing Partner for Health and Life Sciences, Knowledgent. “Sinequa’s Big Data Search & Analytics platform, with its index engine powered by NLP, perfectly complements our innovative and game-changing solutions for life sciences business and IT stakeholders who are struggling to rapidly find and access data.”

“Knowledgent is the ideal partner for us,” said Xavier Pornain, SVP of Sales & Alliances, Sinequa. “We have had a great deal of success in Europe. As a result, this strong traction and the industry recognition have led us to expand our activity in the U.S. This is now a strategic market for us. We have already successfully deployed multiple enterprise solutions in the U.S. in life science and financial services. We now see our technology gaining more recognition due to our partnership with Knowledgent. Their expertise and our technology will enable large enterprises to create innovative applications that will revolutionize the way users interact with enterprise data.”

About Knowledgent

Knowledgent is an industry information consultancy that helps organizations transform their information into business results through data and analytics innovation. Our expertise seamlessly integrates industry experience, data analyst and scientist capabilities, and data architecture and engineering skills to uncover actionable insights. We have not only the technical knowledge to deliver game-changing solutions at all phases of development, but also the business acumen to evolve data initiatives from ideation to operationalization, ensuring that organizations realize the full value of their information. For more information, visit

About Sinequa

Sinequa provides a Real-Time Big Data Search & Analytics platform for Fortune Global 2000 companies and government agencies. It offers users Unified Information Access to all textual and database data, supported by powerful analytics. Millions of users in the world’s largest and most information-intensive organizations rely on Sinequa to put business critical information at the fingertips of their employees, including Airbus, AstraZeneca, Atos, Biogen Idec, Credit Agricole, Mercer, and Siemens. Based in New York, Paris, London and Frankfurt, Sinequa develops its expertise and its business across the world with an important network of technology and business partners.

For more information about Sinequa, visit

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