Newly Released Live Big Data Ecosystem

Online Version of Big Data Reference Architecture Includes Over 100 Vendors and Technologies

WARREN, NJ – July 15, 2015 – Knowledgent, the data and analytics firm, today announced the release of the online Big Data Ecosystem. This web-based version of Knowledgent’s industry-leading reference architecture provides an overview of today’s big data vendor landscape to help data and analytics professionals make sense of the many tools and other big data offerings available.

With the increasing focus on managing large datasets, big data tools and platforms are proving that they are superior to many traditional methods of analyzing and managing high-volume data. However, as with many disruptive trends, market confusion arises as new vendors strive to be heard and existing vendors attempt to reposition their products. To cut through the confusion, Knowledgent continuously analyzes and categorizes vendors and their products into a comprehensive reference architecture: the Big Data Ecosystem.

“We’ve seen a significant jump in interest in the Big Data Ecosystem over the past couple of years, as more organizations look to move their big data initiatives from Proof-of-Concept to production,” said Mark Hayward, Big Data Partner, Knowledgent. “Bringing the Big Data Ecosystem into an online environment was the next logical step to providing data and analytics professionals with the information they need to accelerate their big data vendor searches.”

A Visual Guide to Big Data Vendors and Technologies

The Big Data Ecosystem provides an easy-to-understand, curated view of both established and new technologies. The 2015 version has been updated based on recent changes in big data landscape. The Big Data Ecosystem:

  • Provides a more granular perspective on Hadoop tools to deliver clearer and more precise categorization
  • Depicts most current relationships between products and technologies, including recent acquisitions
  • Includes Data Security category to reflect trend of security as a critical concern

To better explore the Big Data Ecosystem, users are able to search the Big Data Ecosystem and also can compare vendors from similar categories.

To request access to the Big Data Ecosystem, visit

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Knowledgent is an industry information consultancy that helps organizations transform their information into business results through data and analytics innovation. Our expertise seamlessly integrates industry experience, data analyst and scientist capabilities, and data architecture and engineering skills to uncover actionable insights. We have not only the technical knowledge to deliver game-changing solutions at all phases of development, but also the business acumen to evolve data initiatives from ideation to operationalization, ensuring that organizations realize the full value of their information. For more information, visit

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