New Survey Finds Big Data Growing in Importance, Despite Significant Obstacles

IT Practitioners Experiencing Challenges in Program Development and Management of Big Data Initiatives

WARREN, NJ – June 9, 2015 – Knowledgent, the data and analytics firm, today announced the results of a new survey finding that big data is growing in importance among organizations, despite concerns around developing, managing, and operating a big data environment.

Conducted by Knowledgent, the survey targeted IT practitioners with some exposure to big data technology across several industries, including Healthcare, Insurance, Life Sciences, and Financial Services. The survey found that:

  • Big Data continues to grow in importance despite significant obstacles.
  • The combination of traditional and more unstructured data sources, combined with advanced analytics, are contributing to the development of new business insights.
  • Big Data initiatives are transitioning from Proofs-of-Concept to production.

Based on the survey results, there is very broad agreement that many aspects of implementing a Big Data solution remain at least somewhat challenging. The biggest task continues to be in finding experienced resources. Additional findings are detailed in the survey report, titled “2015 Big Data Survey: Current Implementation Challenges.”

“As their big data initiatives mature, more organizations are facing a myriad of challenges,” said Mark Hayward, Big Data Partner at Knowledgent. “These findings confirm our belief that organizations still need to invest significantly in tools and resources to derive insights from big data.”

To download a copy of the report, visit

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