Knowledgent Releases New Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning White Paper

Warren, NJ — January 16, 2018 — Knowledgent, the data intelligence firm, announced today the release of a new white paper entitled, “The Ever Evolving Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Ecosystem”.

It’s hard to turn on the news or visit a news site and not see at least one article or segment about how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) are changing the world around us. Even though AI/ML is starting to become pervasive, we are only in the initial stages of its full-fledged adoption.

“Knowledgent is seeing more and more clients utilizing AI/ML,” said Shail Jain, Chief Executive Partner, Knowledgent. “It’s leading the data and analytics industry into a new paradigm where advanced computing algorithms can accomplish tasks more efficiently and accurately, in less time.”

Read more about the evolving ecosystem of AI/ML including why it’s becoming more prevalent and the tools that are leading the pack in the full white paper on Knowledgent’s website.

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