Knowledgent “Process Mapping” Article Draws Strong Interest from Equipment Finance Sector

New York, NY, September 19, 2012 – Knowledgent, a leading industry information consultancy focused on maximizing the value of information to empower clients with actionable business insights, has captured the attention of the equipment finance industry with its recently published article in Equipment Finance Advisor on ways to map business processes. To date, the article has registered one of the highest number of readers in the website’s history.

The article’s readership has continued to increase since it was originally published in July, and appears to address a critically important challenge facing the equipment finance sector: a fundamental re-examination of its operational approach to fuel its next phase of growth.

“The fact that this article’s readership continues to grow nearly three months after its publication testifies to how much the equipment finance industry cares about this subject,” said Michael Toglia, publisher of Equipment Finance Advisor.

Co-authored by Knowledgent veteran consultants Nick Kramer and Sean Murray, the article, titled “Process Mapping: Setting A Course For Success,” outlines the benefits and an approach for the equipment finance industry to continue to grow through the current environment of decreasing margins and increased regulations.

Equipment Finance Advisor will feature another article from Knowledgent’s Kramer and Murray in the fall of this year.

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About Knowledgent

Knowledgent is a purpose-built Industry Information Consultancy that provides advanced Information Management and Analytical (IM&A) solutions with industry-specific specialization in Financial Services, Life Sciences, Healthcare and Commercial markets. Knowledgent is founded with the mission to help an enterprise become more information centric. We chose this mission because while information has been recognized as a strategic corporate asset, its importance has now reached an inflection point: corporations that don’t learn to innovate through information and compete on analytics will be left behind by those that do. That’s because the extreme volumes of data exhaust now being generated by systems, machines and the Internet represents an unexplored ocean of data with unlimited potential of mining insights that can be used for instructive predictions about products, markets, customers and human behaviors.

Knowledgent is a first-in-category firm, built from the ground up to combine IM&A advisory and delivery capabilities with vertical domain knowledge. While the core capability of our firm is comprised of competencies that address business & IT strategy, business analysis, program management, information management, and big data analytics, the context in which we approach any problem is the vertical industry of our clients.

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