Knowledgent Launches Kariba to Enable Rapid and Easy Access to Enterprise Big Data

Releases Survey to Address Big Data Challenges and Uncover New Business Insights

Warren, NJ — March 12, 2015— Knowledgent, the data and analytics firm, today unveiled Kariba, the innovative platform designed to dramatically enrich data lake capabilities to help enterprises leverage all of their data.

In today’s world of data-driven decision making, business data analysts and data scientists need fast and easy access to all data across the enterprise. They need to be able to use the tools of their choice to analyze data to reveal patterns, identify correlations, and gain critical insights. Meanwhile, enterprise IT managers need to efficiently introduce new data into their repository while tracking usage and ensuring that corporate rules and governance are applied to the data.

“Many enterprises think that they can dump data into the lake and be done with it, but the reality is that their users need self-serve access to the data lake to find the data they need when they need it,” said Mark Hayward, Head of Product Development, Knowledgent. “Kariba delivers this access. It eases the burden on the end users trying to find and understand the data and on the IT managers trying to govern the data. As a result, data analysts and data scientists can focus their efforts on deriving new and game-changing insights from data.”

Fast, Intuitive Search Combined with Strong Data Governance

Named after Lake Kariba, the world’s largest manmade lake, Kariba provides a searchable repository of data of all different types. Kariba’s powerful keyword, faceted, and semantic search capabilities revolutionize users’ ability to quickly and accurately find not only structured data like files and tables but also unstructured data like social media posts, chat logs, and web logs.

In addition, users learn to trust and understand the data by viewing the quality and lineage of the data and through additional information obtained from the broader user community, such as reviews and common use cases. Kariba also enables users to analyze and process the data to create new data and reports to add to the data lake.

Seamless, Scalable Integration

Kariba is deployable as a fully integrated solution or as separate modules that deliver discrete functionality. The following modules can be added over time as the data lake expands:

  • Rapid Ingestion: Implement a governed process for quickly and efficiently introducing data into the lake
  • Guided Exploration: Enable end users to explore the data lake in business terms they understand, rapidly increasing the lake’s business value as it expands
  • Agile Consumption: Allow end users to provision their own analytic workspaces to rapidly uncover analytic insights with their preferred tools and techniques

Enterprises can customize and integrate Kariba into their existing architectures through configurable workflows, developed based on Knowledgent’s extensive experience with application development within large-scale IT deployments.

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Big Data Challenges Survey

Knowledgent enables organizations to gain critical business insights from their information by combining data and analytics with industry domain expertise. The data and analytics firm also today announced the launch of an online survey to gain input on big data challenges faced by enterprises today as they mature their big data initiatives from proof-of-concept (POC) to production.

The survey is available at  and will remain open until Thursday, April 9, 2015.

About Knowledgent

Knowledgent is a data and analytics firm that helps organizations transform their information into business results through data and analytics innovation. Our expertise seamlessly integrates industry experience, data analytics and science capabilities, and data architecture and engineering skills to uncover actionable insights.

Knowledgent operates in the emerging world of big data as well as in the established disciplines of enterprise data warehousing, master data management, and business analysis. We have not only the technical knowledge to deliver game-changing solutions at all phases of development, but also the business acumen to evolve data initiatives from ideation to operationalization, ensuring that organizations realize the full value of their information.

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