Knowledgent Launches info2insight™

Warren, NJ – January 29, 2014 – Knowledgent today announced info2insight™ (i2i™), a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to jumpstart innovation and enable execution of Big Data initiatives. This new service offering features capabilities that accelerate Big Data time to value at any development phase.

In many organizations, Big Data initiatives face challenges formed by conflicting attitudes and priorities, limited resources and technical skills, and/or inadequate infrastructure. Knowledgent’s info2insight gives organizations the knowledge, skills, and technology they need to overcome these hurdles.

Led by Knowledgent’s Big Data Scientists and Engineers, info2insight consists of three core capabilities designed to enable organizations to realize the potential of Big Data.

Through i2i Ideate, Knowledgent’s ideation approach and workshop, organizations acquire a shared understanding of the value of Big Data and identify opportunities and develop action plans to reduce cost, improve timeliness, and gain market advantage through Big Data and Analytics.

i2i Discover allows organizations to validate possible solutions to specific business challenges before committing large-scale resources. In Knowledgent’s preconfigured lab environment built on Hortonworks’ enterprise grade distribution of Hadoop, Big Data Scientists and Engineers can accurately test advanced analytical models and rapidly visualize outcomes in a secure, ready-to-run environment.

I2i Apps provide prebuilt Big Data and Analytics capabilities that run on Knowledgent’s Big Data scalable analytics platform. I2i Apps can be customized to an organization’s specifications and managed by Knowledgent as a service. For organizations with strict compliance and regulatory concerns that preclude Software as a Service (SaaS), Knowledgent offers a customized implementation of i2i Apps on organization-operated hardware and software.

“We developed info2insight to allay the concerns that many of our clients have around understanding, proving and operationalizing Big Data in their organizations,” said Mark Hayward, Knowledgent’s Chief of Corporate Development. “Our info2insight suite of solutions effectively breaks down the barriers that frequently derail Big Data initiatives to help organizations rapidly capitalize on the immense opportunity of Big Data.”

“Hortonworks is very excited to be the Hadoop distribution in the i2i ecosystem,” said John Kreisa, vice president of strategic marketing at Hortonworks. “Knowledgent’s i2i capabilities bridge the gap between Big Data ideation and execution to enable industrial-strength Big Data solutions on enterprise-grade platforms like the Hortonworks Data Platform.”

About Knowledgent

Knowledgent™ is a purpose-built Industry Information Consultancy that provides advanced Information Management and Analytical (IM&A) solutions with industry-specific specialization in Financial Services, Life Sciences, Healthcare and Commercial markets. Knowledgent is a first-in-category firm, built from the ground up to combine IM&A advisory and delivery capabilities with vertical domain knowledge. While the core capability of our firm is comprised of competencies that address business & IT strategy, business analysis, program management, information management, and big data analytics, the context in which we approach any problem is the vertical industry of our clients.

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