Knowledgent Chief Ontologist, Christine Connors, Inspirational Woman in Data Management

New Jersey, September 10, 2012 – DATAVERSITY™ has chosen Christine Connors, Knowledgent Chief Ontologist, as one of the most inspirational women in data management. Christine is considered one of the women that will inspire more women to pursue their passion in data management and who will hopefully inspire anyone who has come up against adversity in their careers, whether it is discrimination from sex, race, or any other form of discrimination. At Knowledgent, Christine’s role is to help clients uncover and satisfy their tacit as well as explicit information needs. Click here to read the full interview.

About Knowledgent

Knowledgent is a purpose-built Industry Information Consultancy that provides advanced Information Management and Analytical (IM&A) solutions with industry-specific specialization in Financial Services, Life Sciences, Healthcare and Commercial markets. Knowledgent is founded with the mission to help an enterprise become more information centric. We chose this mission because while information has been recognized as a strategic corporate asset, its importance has now reached an inflection point: corporations that don’t learn to innovate through information and compete on analytics will be left behind by those that do. That’s because the extreme volumes of data exhaust now being generated by systems, machines and the Internet represents an unexplored ocean of data with unlimited potential of mining insights that can be used for instructive predictions about products, markets, customers and human behaviors.

Knowledgent is a first-in-category firm, built from the ground up to combine IM&A advisory and delivery capabilities with vertical domain knowledge. While the core capability of our firm is comprised of competencies that address business & IT strategy, business analysis, program management, information management, and big data analytics, the context in which we approach any problem is the vertical industry of our clients.

For more information about Knowledgent or this release, please contact Leslie Arturi at leslie.arturi@knowledgent or 646-398-5170.

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