Knowledgent Announces Continued Growth with Visualization and Analytics Practice

Warren, NJ — May 19, 2016 — Knowledgent, the data and analytics firm, has been a trusted advisor to many top-tier companies on their data management strategies.  As all industries are embracing big data, and now quickly leveraging cloud, mobile applications, and IOT, self-service analytics has become an imperative to keep pace with rapid change. This newfound power in the hands of the end-user is leading to an accelerated adoption of data storytelling, where meetings are no longer about static spreadsheets, but interactive powerful visualizations where questions are answered and decisions happen in real-time.

As Knowledgent’s visualization and analytics practice grew, it required a toolset that deployed quickly with minimal training, and one that users would embrace and evangelize on their own.  Tableau provided that platform.  Its light footprint, ability to scale, and “smart” interface allowed Knowledgent to focus on the critical data pipeline. Meanwhile, users could free themselves from number-crunching, and focus on creatively asking questions and getting answers from their data.

“An industry-leading data infrastructure is useless if you can’t communicate what the data tells you.  Knowledgent ensures that clients get that value through data visualization,” said Shail Jain, Chief Executive Partner, Knowledgent. “Our Informationists focus on the value of the data for our clients using industry-leading tools like Tableau to allow rapid, interactive exploration and informative dashboards that drive business results.  Tableau provides powerful, yet easy, visualization of complex data. We’ve even used it to visualize structured and unstructured data on top of our proprietary data lake integration accelerator.”

“Tableau provides analytics technology that is fast, easy, and fun to use,” said Michael Hoff, Vice President, Channel Sales.  “Our software enables people at all levels of expertise to harness the potential of data in new and innovative ways. The power is now in the hands of the person who knows the data best.”

Recent successful client engagements include companies in the financial services, biopharmaceutical, and healthcare industries. In one prime example, Knowledgent enabled a major health insurer to gain better access to and insights into their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and created dashboards to visualize the data for executive management – all in a matter of weeks. This helped reduce time-to-insight from 30-60 days down to 5-10 days, and created a “single source of truth” for executive metrics.

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Knowledgent is an industry information consultancy that improves lives and business through data. Our expertise seamlessly integrates industry experience, data analyst and scientist capabilities, and data architecture and engineering skills to uncover actionable insights. We have not only the technical knowledge to deliver game-changing solutions at all phases of development, but also the business acumen to evolve data initiatives from ideation to operationalization, ensuring that organizations realize the full value of their information. For more information, visit

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