Mastering Provider Data with Dr. Marko of Geisinger Health System


Knowledgent and Informatica recently welcomed Dr. Nicholas Marko, Director of Neurosurgical Oncology and prior Chief Data Officer of Geisinger Health System, for an informative webinar on mastering Provider data.

Dr MarkoHealth Insurance companies are struggling to maintain a trusted view of their Provider demographic data, which changes at a rate of 3% each month. Urgency for improving Provider data management is being driven by industry trends, including the evolution of Healthcare towards a consumer marketplace and innovation within the industry’s core business models, but perhaps, more importantly, CMS regulations that can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars if they are not found in compliance. Outdated and silo’d Provider data creates a number of challenges for Health Insurers.

Dr. Marko discussed, from the Healthcare Provider perspective, the reasons that it is important for health insurers to have updated Provider data sets, including:

  • Trends causing Provider networks to become more complex.
  • Pain points around poor Provider data and how they impact the relationship (financial, networking) between payers and providers.
  • Other drivers relevant for payers to master their Provider data and better manage Physicians, such as Provider hierarchies.
  • Ways that the payer – provider relationship are improved with a Provider Master Data Management solution.
  • How an investment in a Provider solution will pay off for the insurer.

View this informative webinar below.

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