Life Sciences

To truly adapt to the changes confronting Life Sciences organizations, leadership teams need better access to the insights locked within enterprise information assets than they have today.

Knowledgent specializes in capturing that value through understanding the industry business drivers and delivering the solutions and capabilities that solve business problems.

Visit our Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and Big Data pages to see real world client examples of our impact in Life Sciences.

Business Drivers

Optimize R&D Dollars

Reduce Clinical Trial Durations

Value Based Sales & Pricing Models

Patient Centricity

Our Solutions

R&D Data Platform  – Knowledgent’s AWS Data Lake Pattern built for Exploratory Analytics and Ingestion Framework focused for R&D sources

Cognitive R&D Search – SOLR-based Scientific Search and Molecular Similarity Engine that increases research productivity through better, quicker access to enterprise data

Intelligent Trial Planning – Machine Learning-based Clinical Trial Application that predicts Rate of Recruitment and performs Country & Site-level feasibility

Real World Evidence – AWS Data Lake Pattern customized with an OMOP Conversion Engine, Cohort Builder, and Tableau Visualizations for key use cases

Patient & HCP/HCO 360 – Accelerator to master key domains to ensure consistency and quality in HCP/HCO, Site, Investigator, and Study data

Commercial Data Platform – AWS Data Lake Pattern and Ingestion Framework customized for common Sales and Marketing sources

Our Capabilities

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