The company has a clear direction, to be the best information management consultancy there is, period. From strategy through execution. Most information management consultants are just developers where Knowledgent combines industry depth, with a core understanding of business process optimization, with best practice information management across both traditional and big data. They have high expectations of the quality of consultants. Advice to anyone reading this and other reviews, be honest in your interview process as how you sell yourself is how you must deliver. As someone with a deep business information management background, its a perfect company to apply my skills.

Great place to work for Information Management Professionals

Recruiter, Knowledgent

Knowledgent is built for A players. It is a transparent business model. If you deliver high quality work and can help drive revenue then Knowledgent is great. Otherwise, there are probably better places to work.

There is a lack if a formal onboarding process. Self networking is a key to being successful.

Excellent experience

Sales, Knowledgent

I’ve never taken the time to come in and write a review but I think it’s very much needed. Knowledgent is a fast growing company with so much opportunity. If you are passionate and thrive in an entrepreneurial environment and have a data/i’nformationist’ background – this is the place for you! Growth potential unlimited, smart employees and it’s great to be able to make a difference!

Less structure than some of the larger companies I’ve worked for (but nice not to have that level of politics)!

Great Experience

Developer, Knowledgent

Great mix of talented individuals who mentor each other along the way. Management keeps their talent in the loop by providing lunch and learn sessions providing the consultants out in the field the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the various technologies being used.

Great company to learn and grow with

Project Manager, Knowledgent

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