Knowledgent Labs is where we help our clients innovate through experimentation utilizing our KLIC framework.

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Technology Sensing & Innovation

Constantly scanning the market for innovations in technology working, with academia, venture capitalists, start ups, and our robust partner ecosystem.


Ideate on new innovative ways of solving business challenges, combining technology sensing with our knowledge of data libraries and business domains.

Asset & Skill Development

Developing new data and analytics assets and accelerators, training on the latest technologies, and grooming the next generation of Informationists.

Managed Data Operations

Speed the time-to-insight and reduce costs by managing your data operations in our Labs facilities.


Test solutions for viability against business challenges using simulated or real-world data.

Scale Up

Subject solutions to industrial design and engineering to make it deployment ready, using an agile process.

Learn how Knowledgent Labs can help you maximize the value of information in your organization and accelerate your technology initiatives.

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