Knowledgent Labs is a software development center built to remotely execute rapid prototypes, data engineering and analytic services, and technology operations for clients across all industries in an on-shore model.

Knowledgent Labs Adds Value

  1. Leverage our Engineering Culture: Support your business with people, methods, and technologies that are driving some of the most innovative data and analytics solutions in the world.
  2. Ensure Success: We leverage our deep experience and high performing teams to predictably deliver for our clients across each of our service offerings.
  3. Working with Us is Easy: Our labs are in accessible locations in North America to give clients the ability to work closely with us.

Knowledgent Labs has applications across all industries.
In one prime example, a major health insurer enlisted Knowledgent Labs to build a state-of-the-art data architecture, utilizing big data technology, to allow consolidation of their data sets that will provide critical insights into their business and shape their decision making for years to come.

Learn how Knowledgent Labs can help you maximize the value of information in your organization and accelerate your technology initiatives.

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