Below are the 200 Level Training Courses available at Kmmersion III. Please do the following:

  1. Read through the track descriptions to gain an understanding of them.
  2. Decide your personal order of interest in these tracks.

Important Information: The Strategy and Engineering Track is a 4 hour course. If you are in this track, it will be the only training track you will attend. If you are in the Tableau, Collibra, and Agile Business Analysis tracks, these are 2 hours each, so you will attend 2 of these sessions totaling to 4 hours.

You will either attend 2 of these 2-Hour Sessions…

LOD’s of Fun with Tableau Desktop

In this session, we will go beyond the basics of Tableau. You will learn how to leverage advanced features such as groups, sets, parameters and custom sorting techniques. We will  set the table with calculations and LOD expressions. Go beyond the basics and learn to build dual axis charts and several other eye catching visualization techniques that will lure in any casual business user.

Who Should attend?

You don’t need to know Tableau to benefit from attending this session, yet the seasoned Tableau architect will learn some of the many advanced techniques. If you are considering taking the Tableau Qualification exam, this session is a MUST.

Why attend?

You will benefit from attending this session if you work with data and need to understand how visual analytics can benefit our clients.

If you would like to follow along with the session exercises, you must download and install Tableau Desktop prior to Kmmersion III and bring your laptop.

Collibra Data Governance Framework

This session will be an overview of Collibra, a Data Governance Framework, and the tool’s capabilities, roles, and responsibilities. It will also cover different tracks for certification and understanding what a typical Collibra project is like.

Who should attend?

Anyone who is a “data citizen” – All users of data. Business and/or Data Analysts, Data Architects and PM/BA who are involved in Data Governance, Data Quality, or MDM projects. Management Consultants who are involved in Regulatory/Compliance projects (industry agnostic).

Why attend?

To understand what is involved in a typical Collibra project, determine if they should pursue Collibra certifications and if so, what specific certification would be the right fit for them, and the roadmap to get certified by Collibra.

Agile Business Analysis

The objective of this session is to provide an introductory hands-on training on Agile methodology. Topics covered include: 1) What drives Agile 2) Foundational pre-iterative processes 3) Iterative process: Product Release, Sprint Planning, and Effort Estimation, Feature, User Story, Acceptance Criteria, Cucumber Test, Scripts with examples (not theory) 4) In class example 5) Hands-on exercise

Who should attend?

Anyone looking to understand the Agile end-to-end processes and team dynamics, and anyone looking to understand the true value Business Analysts provide from project inception to delivery.

Why attend?

Learn how KGI successfully delivers Agile engagements, and participate in workshops designed for you to learn how to practice what we preach. Understand the difference between Agile and Waterfall Business Analysis processes and artifacts, and the difference between the roles Business Analysts fulfill in Agile vs. Waterfall delivery.

Or the 4-Hour Session on Data Lakes.

Engineering a Data Lake

This session covers all things Data lake. An end-to-end mystical journey of all things that constitute a Data Lake – with special emphasis on Knowledgent’s best practices, nomenclature, and unique perspective for building a highly available, easily accessible, and greatly scalable “Trusted Data Platform” to modernize any organizations data management capability. This will greatly enhance any attendee’s understanding of core processes around data management, cataloging, test strategies, data quality, and everything that goes into building a trusted data store. Learn how organizations can leverage it to drive insights, achieve cost efficiencies, and achieve capabilities that they never had before.

Who should attend?

The content will be presented in an easily understandable & engaging format eliminating the need for any prerequisites.  Everyone including  Engineers, Architects, and Business Analysts – senior & Junior – will find something that interests them, or find opportunities to engage in discussions that benefit others.

Why attend?

As Informationists working for a Big Data and Analytics company, everyone with an appetite and curiosity to learn or engage beyond what they know will benefit from this session. This track offers a unique opportunity to benefit from collective wisdom across many projects that Knowledgent has executed for the last 5 years. You’ll also have an opportunity to hear from and interact with our thought leaders and their vision of the Big data space into the future.

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