Kartridge MDM 360 delivers trusted, high quality Master Data in your cloud environment (hosted or private) for business value realization directly through data lake data management processes, which minimizes cost and complexity of integration while providing a central control point for governance and stewardship.

Accelerate your Time-to-Value with Kartridge MDM 360’s Self-Service Interface

Kartridge MDM 360 provides an intuitive, self-service experience for your business teams. Business users can find the right data, understand data quickly, manage requests for data access, and work with disparate information in a self-service, collaborative user interface.

Search and Navigate

Matching and Merging

Data Quality Remediation

Master Any Domain

Cleansing and Standardization

Automated Provisioning

Ontology and Taxonomy Management

Hierarchy Management

A Business User Centric Data Management Solution That is Completely Customizable

Kartridge MDM 360 Benefits

  • Quicker time to ROI compared to traditional MDM solution implementations

  • Completely interoperable with centralized and distributed cloud or on premise data management platforms

  • Configurable rule-based engine for regulatory compliance allows for quick deployments needed for regulatory mandates

  • Complex datasets can be loaded, profiled, cleansed, conformed, and analyzed

  • Hierarchies and relationships can be graphically viewed with drill down capabilities to conduct further analysis

  • Relationships and syndicated data made available for querying

  • Update and request data changes in real-time using the workflow

Learn how Kartridge MDM 360 can help you maximize the value of information in your organization.

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