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Access the data you need when you need it. Use the tools of your choice to analyze data and gain actionable insights to become an agile, data-driven organization.

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Data Lake Potential Realized

With data often trapped in silos across the organization, how can you rapidly find the data you need? Assuming you can find the data, how do you understand where it came from and what it means? And even if you can interpret the data, how can you be sure that you can trust it?

With Kariba, Knowledgent’s Data and Analytics as a Service platform, it’s faster and easier than ever for IT managers, data analysts, and data scientists to ingest, explore, and analyze enterprise data.

Make sense of your data through business-derived metadata. Apply corporate usage rules so you can be confident that your data is secure and compliant.

Kariba Data and Analytics Platform User Interface Screenshot

Data of all types – structured, semistructured, and unstructured – can be brought into the enterprise repository rapidly and efficiently, reducing months into hours.

Data analysts and data scientists can find data intuitively through leading-edge keyword search, semantic search, faceted exploration, and graphical relationship search.

Users can combine and transform data in innovative and flexible ways, enabling them to gain the analytical insights they need.

The Kariba Solution

Named after Lake Kariba, the world’s largest man-made lake, Kariba provides the optimal environment for advanced analytics:

• Data analysts and data scientists can easily access the enterprise data they need and use the tools of their choice to analyze that data to gain critical insights.

• Kariba’s feature-rich, self-service user interface enables users to locate the data they need in multiple intuitive ways.

• New sources of information can be rapidly ingested into the lake so users can access the data and realize immediate opportunities.

• Configurable workflows enable organizations to customize and leverage emerging technologies without hard-to-find technical expertise.

Learn how Kariba can help you maximize the value of information in your organization.

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