Financial Services and Insurance

Financial Services and Insurance is a highly regulated industry, with the cost and complexities of compliance continue to mount. It is contending with disruption from FinTech firms that threaten profitable elements of their value chain, while digital transformation presents significant opportunities to provide re-imagined digital products and services, customer experience, and models more conducive to innovation.

Knowledgent’s FSI portfolio is grounded in capabilities and solutions that are foundational enablers in leading and assisting our clients in response to overarching industry drivers.

Business Drivers

FinTech Disruption

Digital Transformation

Managing Risk and Compliance

Our Solutions

Client Onboarding/KYC/NAO – Utilize data and configurable rules-driven solutions to address KYC, with a deep understanding of the processes and data to be captured in Client Onboarding or NAO, to help reduce competitive impediments such as long time cycles

Anti-Money Laundering – Critical Data Element catalog for Sanctions and Transactions Monitoring; as well as innovative Artificial Intelligence solutions for reducing false positives, which today represent 95% of AML alerts

GDPR and Digital Compliance – Services and solutions from assessment through compliance, with a Digital Data Governance control framework for 1st (collection), 2nd (use) and 3rd (sharing) lines of defense

Analytics Self-Service – A key enabler for dealing with FinTech disruption is innovating through data and analytics to better enable a digital, customer, and product advantage

Pricing Optimization – Solution framework for optimizing pricing opportunities, and when applied using machine learning, to Treasury Products and Liquidity Management can identify client opportunities

Our Capabilities

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