BITCon 2015

Date: 04/27/2015
Location: Princeton Marriott at Forrestal, Princeton, NJ
Event Link: BITCon 2015

Knowledgent is pleased to announce our silver sponsorship at the 3rd Annual Bristol-Myers Squibb Conference (BITCon) being held on April 27 and 28 at the Princeton Marriott. Knowledgent Informationist, Saar Golde, will be giving a presentation titled, “Using Advanced Statistical Modelling Techniques on Clinical Trial Data.” During this presentation, Saar will talk about a methodology for combining different datasets from multiple clinical trials, and leveraging the combined dataset(s) for advanced statistical analysis including machine learning and predictive modeling. He will also show how such methodology was used to predict the onset of adverse events in patients, to predict drug efficacy in patients, and in the identification of subtle possible variants in the mechanism of action of the drug as well as differences across test sites.

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