How did a major healthcare payer realize $100 million ROI on their big data project?

A major Healthcare Payer was struggling to evaluate and analyze the large data sets required to provide better care management to members. As a long-term objective, our client’s primary goal was clear: to operationalize the ability to quickly ingest data and provide analytics to help grow the business and increase innovation. To address our client’s main goal, we spearheaded the data ingestion component of a large-scale Hadoop/HortonWorks environment. As a result of the improved data architecture and analytical capabilities, our client realized $100M ROI on the project. With a team of data scientists now equipped to provide leading-edge analysis to the organization, our client could evaluate misdiagnoses for specific disease states faster and more accurately. In addition, the Business Information Architecture (BIA) was specifically crafted to enable our client to achieve future-state objectives.

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