How did a major healthcare payer increase operational efficiency?

Our client, a major healthcare payer, wanted to consolidate their reporting platform from the two tools they were using into one. Additionally, they needed to assess the impact of ICD-9 to ICD-10 code changes to their reporting environment. A solution was needed to address the reporting impacts and remediation, data formatting and additional ICD-10 attributes, fields and indicators. Our team performed conversion analysis and reporting remediation and developed the reporting catalog and requirements. Utilizing input from the Analysis Phase, we also leveraged our iterative development framework to perform the Development/Conversion activities, delivering functionality in a series of iterative, time-boxed increments. Following this approach, we implemented the new platform that delivered value both through operational efficiency and delivering analytics to support business needs. This delivered value across the enterprise by creating an inclusive approach and designing a solution that is scalable and adaptable to evolving reporting requirements.

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