How did a global pharmaceutical corporation seamlessly transform the way they analyze their data?

Our client, a global pharmaceutical corporation, was investigating migration of their Commercial Sales to another provider. Our team was brought on to assess the possibility of the conversion, provide an approach that contains and minimizes risk, and align with their technology roadmap, therefore eliminating the need for any throw-away effort post-deployment. We assessed their current architecture, met with key business and system owners, and designed an approach that met all of their business needs. Following our approach, we were not only able to deploy all of the functionality provided in the past, but also an additional full suite of data and analytics tools that uses a much more robust data set than they ever had. This transformation enhanced our client’s capabilities with business competitive features, such as access to more progressive analytical tools, availability to more robust data sets, and the creation of a foundation that enables a more flexible response to external data acquisition and access.

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