Knowledgent and Informatica Webinar – Better Healthcare Data is Everyone’s Job

Everyone has Human Resources responsibilities in their jobs – why should healthcare data be any different? All over the world, business and IT professionals are working together to ensure that data is trusted and secure so that their business results are reliable. Everyone in the organization should be doing their part.

From governing data so that analytics are consistent, to trying to find that edge and out-perform the competition, to complying with regulations, there are countless reasons why organizations are building governance programs.

Working together with Knowledgent and Informatica, you can learn how to get started with your own data governance program.

We discuss our customized advisory experience from working with major Payer and Providers and how to effectively manage assets to:

  • Increase adoption
  • Collaborate and connect
  • Select the right technology
  • Leverage that technology to ensure your program is successful – including a sneak peek at the new Informatica Axon

Hear from data governance experts, Terri Mikol and Allison Stilley, on the right tips, tricks, and tools to maximize data governance results below.

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