Knowledgent’s Artificial Intelligence Lab is a hub for research, innovation and collaboration on digital disruption technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Internet of Things (IoT).

The lab exists to deliver compelling and competitive technology solutions that excite our clients, energize our employees, and solve real-world business problems. In a mobile, digital, data-driven world, our lab is facilitating a move to leverage artificial intelligence as a force for good to make the world a better place for our employees, our clients and our community.


To meet the constant challenges and competitive threats that today’s businesses and enterprises face, Knowledgent has established a lab focused on today’s leading disruptive technologies – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The Artificial Intelligence Lab is an innovative space for learning, collaboration and experimentation. Both onsite and remotely, our Informationists can explore technologies and digital environments driving the leading edge of machine learning, robotic process automation, natural language processing, Internet of Things (IoT), and other areas of artificial intelligence.

Activities include:

  • Ideation and technology sensing

  • Proof of concept projects for our clients

  • Seminars, workshops, boot camps, and hackathons on a variety of disruptive technologies

  • On-site and virtual lab collaboration


The Knowledgent Artificial Intelligence Lab focuses on doing continuing technology sensing and ideation sessions to support Knowledgent’s internal products as well as our client’s projects and initiatives. As a hub for collaboration and innovation, the lab will provide an environment for research and development.

The Artificial Intelligence Lab welcomes formal and informal collaborations with other companies and institutions.

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