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To date, most enterprises have utilized information technology to obtain competitive advantage by focusing primarily on business process automation. At Knowledgent, we believe that the next wave of differentiation, one driven by Decision Process Optimization, is upon us. Computer science and business expertise will be joined by data science as vital disciplines in this evolution.

Knowledgent was purpose built to provide our clients with a rich set of abilities that combine Domain Expertise with Data and Computer Science. We were founded with the core mission of maximizing the potential of all available data to realize game-changing decision-making capabilities. We are focused on optimizing the fundamental foundation of enterprise data and enabling the implementation of the advance analytic capabilities, which deliver critical new insights and prescriptive actions.

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Strategy and Engineering

How do you leverage your data? To help organizations maximize business results through data and analytics, this is one of the first questions that needs to be answered. Organizations today are inundated with the overwhelming number of emerging tools and technologies available for big data, enterprise data warehousing, master data management, and other data-focused disciplines. However, few organizations have the knowledge and experience to develop the strategies and to engineer the solutions necessary to gain data-driven insights.

While the intrinsic value of big data, master data management, and other data capabilities can be captured in a few simple sentences, their implementation is anything but straightforward. Organizations need an actionable roadmap and plan comprising people, process, and technology improvements that result from a comprehensive assessment of their existing data management capabilities, prioritized data-related goals, and business value drivers. With this strategy in place, the next step is to engineer the solution through disciplined yet agile, phased execution of an organization’s data management strategy. Leveraging a timely and cost-effective strategic approach provides incremental business benefits at the conclusion of each phase. Without this meticulous attention to both the strategy and engineering elements, organizations will be unable to realize the full potential of their data.

Knowledgent helps organizations modernize their data foundations. We design executable data management strategies tailored to each client’s specific capabilities and objectives. Once we have worked with an organization to develop a strategy, we implement and execute customized solutions using leading-edge techniques and technologies to ensure that the organization maximizes the value of its information. Our fit-for-purpose solutions produce business value well in excess of the organization’s investment in our partnership.

Analytics and Visualization

In recent years, data has gained traction as a rapidly growing, strategic asset. Mobile devices, social media, and what has become known as the “Internet of Things” are contributing to this increase in information variety, volume, and velocity. When interrogated using advanced analytic techniques, this large amount of data presents an exceptional opportunity for disruptive business innovation.

Analytics allow organizations to investigate and explore data to identify relationships, trends, and patterns to reveal insights that, when combined with business context, create knowledge. Data visualization enables organizations to communicate ideas, facilitate understanding, and explore datasets interactively through the design, implementation, and automation of creating and distributing visual representations of information. Patterns, trends, and correlations that might go undetected in text-based data can be exposed and interpreted more rapidly and easily with data visualization software. With this deeper understanding, organizations gain the ability to adopt data-driven solutions for competitive advantage.

At Knowledgent, we help organizations improve business performance quickly and efficiently by applying the latest technologies, best scientific methods, and deep industry understanding to analyze data, test hypotheses, and identify patterns, revealing high-value insights. Our solutions inform decisions and drive actions with visualizations that enable organizations to rapidly and efficiently explore, understand, and communicate business insights gleaned from data. We also have the experience to frame opportunities in the appropriate business contexts to engage business leaders, to select the appropriate use cases, and to identify the best data sources, ensuring that organizations maximize the value of their information.

Governance and Operations

With more organizations viewing information as a strategic asset, it is increasingly critical to stay on top of emerging data management trends and technologies to actively meet the challenges of a data-driven business. Ensuring that data is accurate, accessible, and secure assumes increasing importance and complexity as information flows across departments and systems spanning the enterprise.

Governance is the human aspect of managing data. It encompasses the people, processes, and technology required to ensure the accuracy, timeliness, and effective use of data across the enterprise. Strong operations, the processes required to effectively manage information environments and platforms, support good data governance. Without a well-developed governance program and robust operations, organizations struggle with inaccurate and poor-quality data, leading to untrustworthy results and decisions.

At Knowledgent, we provide our clients with the tools necessary to effectively and confidently manage their information assets and with practical and proven processes to manage their information environments. We believe that all aspects of an organization’s data foundation, including data governance and operations, can and should be enriched continuously for organizations to reach their full potential. As a result of our varied client engagements across numerous industries, our Informationists have gained an intuitive understanding of data governance and operations best practices, ensuring that Knowledgent avoids the pitfalls and risks that trap less experienced providers. Our expertise helps organizations enhance “business as usual” so they can maximize their ROI, leveraging their data beyond originally planned uses and across multiple functional areas.

Proven Results

Our dynamic, data-focused solutions help organizations across all industries leverage information in new and game-changing ways. Our Informationist teams deliver at all phases of development, from ideation to execution.

Case Studies

Financial Services

Life Sciences


Insight Innovation

Upskilling for Big Data

How a multinational financial services corporation maximized ROI on advanced big data analytics technology

Our client had recently invested significant time, money, and resources in new hardware and software to enable advanced big data analytics capabilities, but they did not know how to get the most out of their investment. On the technology front, it was imperative that the advanced analytics team had not only the knowledge but also the skills to take full advantage of their new hardware and software. We assessed their skills to grasp their current understanding and identify gaps, and then designed a training plan aligned to the requirements of the new technology environment to bridge those gaps and help the advanced analytics team learn what they needed to know.Following our customized training plan, the advanced analytics team was able to learn the big data skills necessary to operate effectively in their new technology environment.

Big Data for a Cure

How big data can be applied to finding a cure and improving care for Alzheimer’s disease

With 44 million people worldwide suffering from dementia and the costs of care rising, Alzheimer’s disease is both a global and financial crisis. We have worked extensively with our partners to consider the cross-industry, practical applications of big data to finding a cure and improving the quality and delivery of patient care for Alzheimer’s. In addition to sharing our insights through white papers and at conferences, we also have facilitated workshops with organizations across industries to take the next steps in the fight against Alzheimer’s.

Enabling Advanced Analytics

How a healthcare payer transformed its enterprise data warehousing to create a new analytics environment

Our client’s Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) team had defined an Enterprise Data Warehousing strategy, architecture and roadmap that move them towards an information-centric culture of analytics. They wanted to rapidly mature their EDW environment more by improving data governance and also to create environment where business users could perform advanced analytics. Our team defined the success criteria for the program, established a reference architecture, and developed a roadmap and corresponding set of recommendations for the maturation of our client’s data exploration capabilities. At the end of the project, our client had a scalable and sustainable data capability that facilitated data-driven decision making.

Data Foundation Modernization

Managing Risk

How a global insurance brokerage reduced risks and costs through data management

Our client, a global insurance brokerage, was struggling with a 5+-year-old proprietary system for managing conflicts of interest. There was no strong business ownership of the system, and they also had to deal with poor data quality, high amounts of “noise” in system due to lack of data governance, and limited IT support. Our team documented current state system architecture and process flows, identified key gaps and pain points in system architecture, functionality and data, and crafted future recommendations for moving the initiative forward. Following our approach, our client gained clarity around use cases and ownership, identified immediate action items to address deficiencies and close gaps, and a cost-effective technology solution utilizing existing infrastructure and leveraging parallel IT efforts.

Migrating Commercial Sales

How a global pharmaceutical corporation gained more robust data and analytics capabilities

Our client, a global pharmaceutical corporation, was investigating migration of their Commercial Sales to another provider. Our team was brought on to assess the possibility of the conversion, provide an approach that contains and minimizes risk, and align with their technology roadmap, therefore eliminating the need for any throw-away effort post-deployment. We assessed their current architecture, met with key business and system owners, and designed an approach that met all of their business needs. Following our approach, we were not only able to deploy all of the functionality provided in the past, but also an additional full suite of data and analytics tools that uses a much more robust data set than they ever had. This transformation enhanced our client’s capabilities with business competitive features, such as access to more progressive analytical tools, availability to more robust data sets, and the creation of a foundation that enables a more flexible response to external data acquisition and access.

Maximizing Big Data ROI

How a major healthcare payer realized significant financial benefits through big data

A major Healthcare Payer was struggling to evaluate and analyze the large data sets required to provide better care management to members. As a long-term objective, our client’s primary goal was clear: to operationalize the ability to quickly ingest data and provide analytics to help grow the business and increase innovation. To address our client’s main goal, we spearheaded the data ingestion component of a large-scale Hadoop/HortonWorks environment. As a result of the improved data architecture and analytical capabilities, our client realized $100M ROI on the project. With a team of data scientists now equipped to provide leading-edge analysis to the organization, our client could evaluate misdiagnoses for specific disease states faster and more accurately. In addition, the Business Information Architecture (BIA) was specifically crafted to enable our client to achieve future-state objectives.

Data Analytics and Visualization

Case Study: Financial Services Corporations Facilitates Onboarding Through NLP

Case Study: Global Pharmaceutical Company Leverages Big Data Analytics to Rapidly Derive Real-World Insights

Our client, a global pharmaceutical company, needed to implement a customized Hadoop-based analytical solution to support research and discovery. This would enable our client to not only leverage real-world data, but also to then connect that information with their internal data to drive new correlations, patterns, and insights. We stepped in to lay the data foundation for our client’s real-world and health information analytics. Rapidly populating all data sets into (Hadoop Distributed File System) HDFS without any complex data modeling effort was a top priority. By the end of the project, our client had over 200 billion records and three terabytes of data populated into HDFS, as well as linked Patient Health Records and Genetic, Molecular, and Associated Pipeline Drugs, using a disease ontology based on ICD-9. Unlike a traditional relational database, this functional Hadoop ecosystem was neither highly structured nor tremendously expensive.

Data-Driven Targeted Marketing

Case Study: Healthcare Corporation Leverages Data to Engage Their Member Population

A healthcare management firm with about 20 million patient members engaged us to do a market segmentation study to increase engagement across their member population. Our team aggregated both member attributes and third-party data and conducted A/B testing to determine the best channels and messaging to engage the population, resulting in a 20% increase in engagement for members who received emails. In addition to this increase, another positive result of this project was our ability to positively affect patient health outcomes.

Data Value Realization

Transparent Decision Making

How an aircraft lessor transformed their finance process for better decisions

Our client, an aircraft lessor, needed to ensure that proper controls related to Credit, Contracts, Accounting, Treasury, Financial Planning and Tax were defined and in place. Our client had market demands, strategic goals and risk/regulatory requirements, which required a future state operational model that could address these challenges Leveraging data to enable fact-based decision making was viewed as a market differentiator that would move the organization from a highly qualitative culture to a more quantitative approach. Our team conducted current-state processes and data assessments and defined and prioritized a future state that included process, organizational, and technology recommendations across the various business lines. The current-state process definition and enhancement opportunities allowed for senior management to understand how the business was functioning to make decisions on what to change. We also revamped their data infrastructure to ensure decisions could be made with confidence against the data.

Case Study: Global Pharmaceutical Corporation Goes from "Business as Usual" to "Continuous Improvement"

Scalable, Inclusive Approach

How a major healthcare payer gained value across the enterprise by consolidating reporting platforms

Our client, a major healthcare payer, wanted to consolidate their reporting platform from the two tools they were using into one. Additionally, they needed to assess the impact of ICD-9 to ICD-10 code changes to their reporting environment. A solution was needed to address the reporting impacts and remediation, data formatting and additional ICD-10 attributes, fields and indicators. Our team performed conversion analysis and reporting remediation and developed the reporting catalog and requirements. Utilizing input from the Analysis Phase, we also leveraged our iterative development framework to perform the Development/Conversion activities, delivering functionality in a series of iterative, time-boxed increments. Following this approach, we implemented the new platform that delivered value both through operational efficiency and delivering analytics to support business needs. This delivered value across the enterprise by creating an inclusive approach and designing a solution that is scalable and adaptable to evolving reporting requirements.

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