Sherpas are the native guides in the Himalayas that assist climbers to the mountain tops. With a global reputation for their unrivaled knowledge of the terrain, their ability to predict weather that makes a climb dangerous or impossible and their expertise designing routes for each particular climb, their mastery of the tools of the trade, skills and resources needed for the climb makes them indispensable as trail guides.

Sherpas must endure the hardships, put forth the effort and be subject to the risks involved in reaching their goals...while never taking the credit. Their strength and prowess allow heavy loads of supplies to be hauled up to the high camps on Everest and other peaks as climbers push for the summits. Sherpas’ knowledge and experiences, combined with their natural physiological ability to thrive at high altitude, made them the force behind all the significant summits of the world’s tallest mountains. Were it not for Sherpas, the successes that exist today for mountaineers in these extreme environments would not have happened.

Knowledgent Informationists take on the role of the Sherpa climbing guides for our clients, enabling, advising and assisting in difficult environments with limited options. Like Sherpas, we bring our knowledge of the terrain, expertise in designing solutions, and mastery of the tools of the trade to ensure our clients reach their goals – and never take the credit.