Knowledgent Cares

Knowledgent Cares is an employee volunteer program founded to help fulfill our social responsibility to the community, while promoting good corporate citizenship. We are committed to creating awareness, improving lives, providing opportunities and volunteering through the power of caring.

A volunteer program is just that – an opportunity to volunteer for a non-profit organization, focusing our energy to improve the life of another person. Volunteer efforts currently occur outside of work, but we believe it is important to the health and well-being of all Knowledgent employees, so we want to encourage this trend within the company as well.

Many of our employees volunteer as coaches for their own children’s teams and participate in their children’s education and other activities. Others participate in programs that assist the community in which they live. Some are focused on supporting organizations that raise funds to fight specific diseases, such as, the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and the  American Cancer Society. Many on our staff have expressed interest in supporting the poor by participating in (or coordinating) food drives, as well as supporting local food shelters and kitchens.