Informationist Best Friend: A Business Analyst and His Canine Companions

We at Knowledgent know that it’s just as important to be able to balance our focus on helping improve lives and business through data with time to rest and recharge. With this new series, we’re putting a spotlight on the important best friends who are always there for us and help us relax after a hard day’s work: our pets.

Following our last post with Informationist Nicholson Warman and his cats Kiss-met and Sultan, our last post features Business Analyst Tim Oliver and his dogs Daisy and Pumpkin. Daisy is a Yorkshire Terrier. Pumpkin is an Australian cattle dog mix.

  1. 1. How did you meet?

I bought Daisy for my wife (then girlfriend) from a breeder for her college graduation.  Daisy is now 13 years old! Pumpkin was in a local shelter, which rescued her from a high-kill shelter in North Carolina.  My wife, three children, and I went to visit the shelter and started the process very quickly.  I think she got lucky to have us because she ended up having multiple health issues, and the shelter was later shut down due to poor conditions for the animals there.

We brought Daisy to the shelter to meet the dogs to see if it would be a good fit.  Both she and Pumpkin were fine with one another.  All that changed when we got home.

tim oliver with his dog pumpkin

  1. What weird or funny things do Daisy and Pumpkin do?

Pumpkin is an energetic, young larger dog and Daisy is a tiny, cranky princess.  Pumpkin is being crate trained, while Daisy always has free range in the house.  We swear Daisy will walk by and the crate and taunt Pumpkin!

  1. What do you and Daisy and Pumpkin like to do together?

Pumpkin loves to play tug-o-war and fetch with all of us.  She would love to play with Daisy too, but Daisy will only growl and bark at her.  Daisy also enjoys fetch, but not as much as she used to when she was young.  She’s more of a curl-up-on-your-lap kind of dog now.

tim oliver with dog daisy

  1. How have Daisy and Pumpkin been your best friends?

Both of the dogs are very loyal.   I’ve been traveling during the week for my project and you can tell they miss me.  I’m attacked like they haven’t seen me in a year each Thursday night when I get home.  Daisy will always sleep next to my side of the bed when I’m home.  Pumpkin has been lying next to my desk at home while I’m working remotely.

  1. What advice do you have for first-time pet owners or people looking to adopt?

If I were giving a new pet owner or someone looking to adopt advice, I would definitely recommend doing your research on breeds.  The right breed needs to match your personality and lifestyle.  Some dogs (like Pumpkin) need to expend a lot of energy or they will get destructive.  We’re lucky to have my wife staying home where she can give her attention.  If you have another pet already, have them meet more than once.  In hindsight, we could have done a better job matching personalities between our dogs.  It would have cut down on the amount of anxiety Daisy has with Pumpkin around.

informationist tim oliver walking dog pumpkin

  1. Would Daisy and Pumpkin be good at business analysis?

These dogs would definitely not be good at business analysis.  Daisy is a classic case of you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  She’s so old she should be retired and driving a Cadillac.  Pumpkin, while inquisitive, gets one thing on her mind and never thinks of a different way to do it.  Maybe she’s more of a project manager?  She is always asking for more… more food, more play, I need it now!  Definitely more of a PM.

tim oliver with dog pumpkin

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