Life Sciences

Life Sciences industry companies are facing a myriad of changes that are shaping the way they conduct business. Declining research and development productivity is placing pressure on drug discovery and clinical development organizations to develop novel, efficacious and safe compounds, while conserving costs and maintaining lock-step compliance with regulatory controls. The supply chain is evolving and, with it, demands for increased efficiency and manufacturing excellence are constant. Within commercial operations groups, the rapid transition from primary care to specialty-focused commercial models continues. The importance of building global sales, marketing and contracting functions has become paramount to maintaining the high growth the industry has experienced for several decades.

In addition, Life Sciences companies continue to grapple with the impending impact of Healthcare Reform. Industry firms will benefit as the Federal government becomes the effective payer for 30 million additional consumers by 2014 and the Medicare Part D “donut hole” is eliminated by 2018. However, more aggressive price controls and the maturity of comparative effectiveness research will demand a rigorous and highly analytical approach to managing product portfolios, pricing and, ultimately, profit margins.

To truly adapt to the changes confronting Life Sciences firms, leadership teams must understand their full array of options and they need better access to the insights locked within enterprise information assets than they have today.

That’s where we come in. Knowledgent’s Life Sciences Informationists help our clients navigate these challenges and maximize the value of your information assets to enable research innovation, increase clinical efficiency, streamline the supply chain and build data-driven commercial models. Knowledgent partners with leadership teams at their present capability levels to identify, detect and solve gaps in core processes, create analytical insight, integrate the intelligence into current information architectures and develop actionable, compliant initiatives that can be implemented across the enterprise. Finally, we will provide execution support—all with respect for budgets and time frames.

Knowledgent has specific Life Sciences expertise in:
  • Research and Development
  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain
  • Commercial Operations
Knowledgent industry-specific service offerings include:
  • R&D Data Library: Solution that provides analytic context and data lineage for active search and retrieval of big data into consumable sets
  • Clinical Trial Master Data Management and Analytics: Application of MDM methods and tools for investigator, patient and site data
  • Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance: Explore and monitor drug safety during studies and after commercialization
  • Supply Chain Metrics and Scorecards: Establish performance metrics for Supply Chain processes and implement management reporting dashboards
  • Manufacturing Knowledge Management: Enable increased collaboration and efficiency through establishment of ontology and taxonomy driven business architectures, portal, search and information access solutions
  • Commercial Information Management: Integrate commercial information from structured and unstructured data sources to support advanced business insights
  • Multi-Channel Analytics: Develop predictive and retrospective analytics across sales, marketing and managed care contracts
  • Mobility: Develop strategies and roadmaps, establish centers of excellence and deliver applications and business intelligence to mobile devices, such as the iPad
  • Compliance Management: Establish program management and implementation solutions in Aggregate Spend and Sample Accountability