Financial Services

Few industries are so intrinsically based on information as Financial Services. Growing market share, comprehensively managing risk, assuring regulatory compliance, remaining competitive and profitable – all while focusing on exceeding client expectations – require execution excellence, but are based wholly on what is known by who and when. Whether it is an institutional or retail capital markets firm, or a bank or insurance company, financial services is the quintessential information industry. With clear dependence on such a fluid and fungible resource, the financial services industry is both particularly exposed to the global megatrends that influence the way business is executed and well-positioned to benefit from them.

How information is leveraged creates enormous opportunities. Whether it is a wealth manager interested in enriching the profiles of financial advisors and end clients to improve the client experience, or an institutional firm that seeks optimal position investments to manage risk through advanced analytics, information is at the core. Strategically, there is much to assimilate; tactically, there are challenges to integrate all these diverse components into the fabric of the enterprise.

That’s where we come in. Knowledgent’s Informationists possess deep financial services expertise. Coupled with our mastery of data’s life cycle through information, knowledge, insight and foresight, this is the experience that drives the strategies, processes and platforms that differentiate successful firms. Knowledgent partners with our clients’ leadership teams to identify, detect and solve gaps in core processes, creating analytical insight, integrating the intelligence into current information architectures and developing actionable, compliant initiatives that can be implemented across the enterprise. We will also provide execution support – all with respect for budgets and time frames.

Knowledgent has specific financial services expertise in:

  • Wealth and asset management
  • Institutional
  • Service providers
  • Retail and wholesale banking
  • Insurance

Financial services industry-specific service offerings include:

  • Asset Finance: Services the Equipment and Asset Finance Industry delivering solutions to assist our clients in leveraging information to enhance pricing, asset management, credit evaluation and portfolio management, and transform their business processes.

  • Client Onboarding for Institutional and Retail: Solutions to optimize the onboarding process, manage performance and SLA (Service Level Agreement) definition, improve documentation and approach regulatory and compliance measures.

  • Client Experience: Solutions to define client lifetime value models, segmentation strategies and closed loop marketing programs are designed to support lead-to prospect-to-client optimization, as well as enabling operational and technological capabilities to fully leverage information to accelerate client value.

  • Regulatory, Risk and Compliance: Evaluations of day-to-day operations for compliance risks, including internal and vendor systems supporting policy development, incident, threat, data mining, surveillance, risk-modeling and compliance management to identify and help clients capitalize on improvement opportunities.

  • Securities Processing: Focus on middle- and back-office productivity for process alignment and data management (e.g., portfolio accounting, security master file, statements, client and performance reporting)

  • Investment Research: Establish better ways to process structured and unstructured data to build a data factory and research library.