TeKathon II Winners: Team FSIC

TeKathon II Winners: Team FSIC

As a wrap on TeKathon II comes to a close, we delve into the minds of the Financial Services and Insurance team, who took home the prestigious TeK-Cup, on the particulars of their winning use case… In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven landscape, consumers have come to expect far more for less in all aspects of their lives, including personal finances. The ascendance of robo-advisors – automated, model-based online services that provide investment recommendations – poses an increasing threat to our traditional Financial Service clients by claiming to provide faster, cheaper and more transparent investment solutions powered by sophisticated technology and minimal to no human intervention. In order to effectively compete, our clients need to find new ways of differentiating themselves or else they run the risk of losing significant market share to these emerging automated services. Since automation can never truly replace certain aspects of human expertise and interaction – particularly when it comes to dealing with personal finances – Financial Service firms must capitalize by offering a solution that combines the best of both worlds.  Knowledgent helps its clients build these cutting-edge solutions by augmenting the expertise of financial advisors with the advanced technological capabilities of a robo-advisor platform to address the demand for smarter, more personalized investment advice driven by sophisticated data analytics. This hybrid approach has come to be known by some as a “robo-assisted advisor.” A lot goes on behind the scenes to ensure that a robo-assisted advisor can provide his or her customers with high quality custom recommendations. One of the major challenges they face is making sure that the data acquired from a broad...

Meet Knowledgent at the Upcoming Big Data Innovation Summit

Knowledgent will be exhibiting at the Big Data Innovation Summit, held this September 9-10 in Boston at the Westin Waterfront hotel. Come join us, along with 80+ industry speakers and 800+attendees, in what is, “Boston’s largest & most important Executive Led Big Data Summit.” The summit covers topics that matter the most to today’s big data & analytics leaders such as: Big Data Innovation Big Data Strategies Implementations Best Use Practices Analytics Predictive Analytics Data Governance Data Security Attendees should stop by the Knowledgent booth, Booth 5, to learn more about how our solutions can help your...

Tekathon: Reltio Review

Editor’s Note: This week, we’re recapping our first Tekathon, an immersive education session bringing together Knowledgent Informationists and Big Data MDM vendors to discuss real-world use cases. This post by Mike Jacobs, MDM Informationist at Knowledgent, discusses key benefits and features of Reltio solutions.   When you think of Reltio, think of a data-driven application where the goal is to find information quickly like you do in Google. Think about how to operate and get answers to your questions. You want to be scalable. Reltio’s way of thinking is that enterprises should have the same thinking on the business side as the thinking that is going on in the applications being used. Reltio delivers the inexhaustible capability that is part of the traditional MDM experience in a next-generation platform to drive business development and enterprise customer management over the next 15 years. Overview Reltio provides organizations the complete picture by blending together master data and big data across all domains and formats from any internal, third party, and social media sources, creating a unified view of information, delivered directly to business users via data-driven applications. Reltio combines both operational and analytical capabilities for a complete view of relationships between people, products, places, and activities. The Reltio platform allows business users to more efficiently and effectively manage master data, seamlessly combined with interaction, social, and relationship data, to break down traditional silos. Reltio’s innovative use of Apache Cassandra and big data technologies as the foundation for its Commercial Graph allows the capability to deliver flexibility, agility and scale. The Reltio Commercial Graph combines, relates and stores an infinite number of attributes...

Tekathon: Novetta Review

Editor’s Note: This week, we’re recapping our first Tekathon, an immersive education session bringing together Knowledgent Informationists and Big Data MDM vendors to discuss real-world use cases. This post by Ashish Saxena, MDM Informationist at Knowledgent, discusses key benefits and features of Novetta solutions.   As Informationists from Knowledgent, we find ways for our clients to eliminate boundaries of business needs and information silos and have them focus on outcomes. Increasingly, exploration and innovation are demanding more from information assets. Data gurus are being presented with messy data infrastructures that hide information of muddy quality. Value is locked in unstructured data assets, leading to misinterpretations of the content and context data. We need a way to find value in our data from variety of formats within our information ecosystem.  Our clients look for reduced effort to extract, consolidate, and clean data to produce reports. Industry demands that vendors come up with solutions that eliminate redundant and duplicate tools. Capabilities for data stewardship and governance, including data profiling, data quality management, workflow management, security, transparency in matching logic, data visualization and manipulation, dashboards, and reporting are no longer “good-to-have,” but rather are a basic need. Overview Novetta, a next-generation technology vendor, is making headway in this space. Novetta specializes in specific solutions to enable entity analytics, cyber analytics, open-source analytics, and multi-INT analytics. Novetta’s Entity Analytics (NEA) solution allows ingestion of multi-format, multi-platform datasets from CRM, Salesforce, clickstream, operational, transactional, logs, public datasets, and social media. Multi-domain flexibility allows for building multiple dimensional entities. This helps to create visualizations of enriched relationships across person, organization, location, and product channels. Key Features...

Tekathon: Bringing the Big Data Ecosystem to Life

Editor’s Note: This week, we’re recapping our first Tekathon, an immersive education session bringing together Knowledgent Informationists and Big Data MDM vendors to discuss real-world use cases. This post by Harj Dhillon, Senior Informationist at Knowledgent, explains the origin and purpose of Tekathon.   Businesses are realizing that they can gain valuable insight in real-time from a variety of new data sources.  From building customer loyalty to preventing adverse events and even to helping to save lives, the right data in the right context served with agility and security to end users can be transformative. Many technology companies are emerging to help organizations develop these predictive analytics capabilities. Decision makers often experience difficulties in deciding on a company to partner with, and as a result, frequently take no action at all. Against their own desires, they remain laggards due to cautiousness in investing in risky projects. In 2013, Knowledgent first published its Big Data Ecosystem to help its customers understand the rapidly evolving big data technology market.  We later facilitated big data education sessions and summits, while also continually updating the ecosystem. As the next evolution in this educational process, Knowledgent hosted its first Tekathon recently in New York City. Tekathon was an immersive architect-to-architect session where our leading technologists huddled up with the tech gurus of leading players in the MDM space and applied real business use cases to their emerging platforms.  By viewing the architectural design, integration strategy, user interface, scalability, performance, and security features within the context of day-to-day business needs, Knowledgent was able to assess the long-term viability of a particular solution and its potential for...
Meet Knowledgent at the Big Data & Analytics for Pharma Summit

Meet Knowledgent at the Big Data & Analytics for Pharma Summit

Knowledgent is excited to be the newest exhibitor at the upcoming Big Data & Analytics for Pharma Summit, held on June 10th -11th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The summit brings together the leaders and innovators from the pharmaceutical industry for an event acclaimed for its balanced agenda, interactive sessions, high-level speakers and unparalleled networking opportunities.  The event will focus on the challenges specific to pharmaceutical companies in areas of R&D, drug development and pharmacovigilance, as well as the benefits of using analytics and analysis in a rapidly evolving market which places ever greater focus upon patient-centricity. Our most recent white paper explores the challenges and opportunities of big data analytics within life sciences and healthcare. To learn more, download the white paper: Big Data Analytics in Life Sciences and Healthcare: An Overview. Event: Big Data & Analytics for Pharma Summit Date: 06/10/2015 Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Event Link: Big Data & Analytics for Pharma Summit If you’re planning on attending the conference June 10-11, please take a moment to visit our team at Booth #1. Our Chief Technology Officer Chris Blotto and Chief Data Scientist Saar Golde will be available to discuss our perspectives and recent successes related to Real World Evidence and Translational Research. Interested in other events Knowledgent will be attending? Check out our Events page for the latest...

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