Corporate Values


Our mission is to be an Industry Information Consultancy that is most sought-after by clients and talent and is renowned for transformative business innovation by maximizing the value of information.
Knowledgent builds its culture on seven core values that permeate everything we do
  • Exceed Client Expectations: A primary tenet for our culture is to always strive to exceed clients’ expectations.  We want to earn our client’s respect for our value and capabilities in every interaction and every deliverable through our unrelenting commitment to excellence.
  • Respond with Agility: Agility to us means utmost responsiveness and adaptability to changing market conditions, business environment and resources.  We believe that agility is natural to smaller firms, so even as we grow bigger each year we believe in maintaining the culture and feel of the “biggest small company”
  • Never Compromise Integrity: Nothing is more important to us than our reputation.  We believe that life rewards the hard decisions. Doing right by the clients, partners and employees always pays dividends in the long run.
  • Communicate with Direct Feedback: We can all improve as individuals and as a team. Being open-minded, respectful and considerate affords opportunities to receive and leverage feedback that makes us all better at what we do.
  • Hiring Talent Better than Ourselves: We live by the mantra: A players attract other A+ players. B players attract C players. Attracting and developing key talent is our central goal to constantly improving and growing our exceptional team.
  • Extreme Collaboration: We believe that collaboration is extremely important to our ability to compete and thrive. We believe that we develop better solutions as a team than as individuals, so our culture is wired to to exploit each other's ideas, views and capabilities at every step.
  • Service to Others: We believe that continuously creating lasting value for our clients and our community affords us new opportunities to do so again and again.