Mobility is a global phenomenon in information delivery. With today’s tens of billions of connected users, some using devices as capable as latter-day supercomputers, we have come to expect anywhere, anytime access to information for collaboration, productivity and entertainment. This revolution is not only being facilitated by increasingly powerful devices and networks, it is also being enabled by cloud computing platforms that make mobile experiences ever faster and easier.

The proliferation of mobility use and the vast capability this has created presents significant opportunities for organizations to innovate in how they interact with their customers, employees and partners. It also poses a strategic threat to those organizations that fail to respond effectively to these competitive initiatives. Executing a mobility implementation without proper strategic planning could potentially limit the scope and scale of the effort and, ultimately, thwart the benefit being sought by the mobility investments. Without this knowledge, mobile deployments remain a challenge for most firms.

Organizations that engage in tactical initiatives may later realize they overlooked fundamental issues in implementing mobile solutions, and have inherently constrained themselves from realizing the full potential of the deployment. Essential to success is an approach that reaps the intended benefits of mobility, while recognizing and managing the business and technical challenges of all the interrelated pieces.

Our Expertise

Knowledgent approaches mobility with a balanced, multi-faceted viewpoint, weighing external market factors, internal pressures for innovation and continuously advancing technical capability with an organization’s evolving capabilities and ability to deliver.

Knowledgent’s mobility team is not only well-versed in the latest mobile technology, but also experts in industry-specific information structures, processes and uses. Collectively, Knowledgent Mobility Informationists bring unique opportunities for innovation within reach of the organization. Knowledgent provides a range of mobility-related services including:

Mobility Strategy

  • Help define a mobility strategy to ensure alignment with the overall enterprise strategy
  • Establish guiding principles and key success factors to drive the mobility strategy effort
  • Craft a business case and value proposition for near-term operational improvements and future business transformation opportunities
  • Assess the maturity of the organization to support a mobility effort, including network, infrastructure, application, and content to ensure that all critical path elements are considered
  • Provide market insights and best practices to define future mobile capabilities and value propositions
  • Determine platform / operating system requirements, both functional and non-functional
  • Assess the industry, line of business, function and user base that are being considered for mobility enhancement
  • Understand the context, pressures, levers, and conditions by which the client firm is bound and constrained or that provide the firm with some level of competitive advantage

Implementation and Delivery Planning

  • Focus on demand-aligned service definition and partnership within the user community from Day One to place new technologies into relevant business solutions
  • Assess the current state of the client functional area and user base to provide guidelines on the approach to mobility adoption
  • Prioritize applications for mobile readiness against agreed upon criteria
  • Address compliance and security issues, such as AML, OFAC, USA PATRIOT, BYOD, and Cloud
  • Guide Use Case Definition
  • Ensure governance and approval processes are in place to support the mobility effort
  • Develop a comprehensive global support model