Business Analysis

Business analysis is a competency that has existed since the dawn of information technology. It has evolved through many incarnations and continues to do so today. Business Analysis is essential to the success of any business process transformation with or without a concomitant change in information technology. It starts with a clear understanding of the current state and ends with a concise articulation of business requirements that drive change to the end state defined by the business objectives.

Business Analysts define the need-sets, propose solutions and then articulate the attributes of that solution at sufficient level of detail to make them actionable. By partnering with stakeholders at all levels, Business analysts capture and re-engineer business processes, specify systems and information requirements while assessing organizational capabilities to adopt to the new business environment.

Business analysts have always used a combination of information, experience and intuition to develop and guide the implementation of new processes and systems. Today’s business analyst focuses not only on recommendations and requirements for process, systems and operational performance improvement, but also must base those requirements on quantifiable knowledge extracted from all the available data. Furthermore, today's business analysts must specify the information analytics and metrics needed to guide and measure any proposed initiative.

Knowledgent calls these next generation business analysts “Informationists.” The central guiding principle of Informationists is to ensure that the information resources of an organization are optimally aligned to the business strategy, to reveal opportunities for improvement and to support their realization in an enterprise.

Our Expertise

Knowledgent Informationists leverage deep industry expertise combined with a contemporary knowledge of business process, information sources and analytics. Our Informationists are able to manipulate internal and external information sources, seeking patterns and revelations concerning business process enhancements, product improvement, customer experience and systems performance. This ability coupled with classic analysis techniques and a background in industry best practices provide a vital, “next generation” capability to our clients. A key factor distinguishing Knowledgent from its competitors is our mastery of the business domain within the context of the specific industry vertical.

We provide a range of business analysis services including:

  • Organizational Effectiveness Assessment: Assess existing and planned programs and the team’s ability to deliver against the firm’s objectives; define resource commitments and industry best-practices through health checks and diagnostics, examine maturity modeling and benchmarking, and adopt standards and tools.
  • Business Process Design: Translate opportunities to improve effectiveness and efficiency into actionable tasks and clear accountabilities within and across teams.
  • Requirements Capabilities Assessments and Centers of Excellence (COE) establishment: Reviews of an organization’s maturity in eliciting and authoring project requirements, and strategies for attaining and maintaining requirements management excellence.
  • Requirements Elicitation, Authoring and Visualization: Hands-on support for developing the vision at granular levels of actionability for major program initiatives.
  • User Acceptance Testing and Test Management Office: Advisory and hands-on support for assuring requirements were truly implemented as documented.
  • Business Rules and Data Mapping: Culling rules from requirements so they can be leveraged at some time beyond the current project; identifying and correlating source and target data requirements through the envisioned lifecycle.