Applied Architecture and Strategy

All organizations have data; in fact data is most likely their fastest growing asset.  Yet why is it that very few organizations effectively capitalize this untapped asset?  Most commonly it is due to the lack of a holistic enterprise strategy.  A strategy that empowers information as an enterprise asset.  A strategy that is enabled by a true enterprise architecture.  A strategy that is consistently applied across lines of business, breaking down organizational barriers that limit the ability to govern and control data as a true enterprise asset.

Having timely access to information that is relevant to a business user can only improve business performance, results and the bottom line. However, achieving excellence in information management is more than an important step in the right direction; it has become a strategic imperative.

Despite the obvious need for leveraging a firm’s proprietary and publicly available information to attain expanded visibility and a proactive outlook for the future, barriers to doing so remain

  • Data is not trusted
  • Executive dashboards do not exist or are insufficient
  • Golden source for key data such as customer, property and franchisee does not exist
  • 360 degree view of your customers does not exist
  • Benefits realized from investment in web analytic tools are plateauing
  • Additional investments in existing base will not realize significant benefits as they are only reporting the same data that has the same low quality/trust
  • Your competitors are taking steps to improve their data platforms
With companies awash in data distributed across so many systems and organizations, it is often difficult to determine how to bring it in to the corporate landscape efficiently and operationally, without creating a new host of challenges.

Our Expertise

We can assist you in capturing those nuggets of information that are important to realizing your business goals, then deciphering them to bring relevant planning and action to your organization. We can enable and mitigate initiative and operational risk across

  • Business Analytics and Intelligence
  • Big Data and Warehousing
  • Data Quality
  • Data Governance
  • Master Data Management

The Informationists of Knowledgent’s Applied Architecture and Strategy competency focus on the glue that binds it all together

  • Model management (Ontology, Taxonomy, Metadata, Logical, Physical)
  • Integration (ETL, ELT, EII, SOA, WSDL, Federation, Virtualization)
  • Search and navigation (Semantic, Lineage, Mapping)
  • Workflow and orchestration (BPM, BRM)