Knowledgent by design is vendor agnostic. For the industries we serve, we subscribe to a reference architecture paradigm and strive to establish alliances with product vendors that provide enabling solution components within the reference architecture. Often, we build industry contextual information solutions or IP on these platforms that accelerate our engagements, more quickly delivering value to our clients.

Alpine Data Labs is a leader in cross-functional predictive analytics enabling data experts and novices alike to work across organizational barriers and collaboratively realize the predictive power of big data analytics. The company's products uniquely combine easy-to-use interfaces, high performance in-database analytic processing, and the efficiencies of cloud computing to define the new paradigm in predictive analytics: accessibility, ease of use, and built for big data.

Amazon Web Services offers a complete set of infrastructure and application services that enable you to run virtually everything in the cloud: from enterprise applications and big data projects to social games and mobile apps. AWS enables you to eliminate the need for costly hardware and the administrative pain that goes along with it. AWS can reduce costs and improve cash flow, whether you are starting out or operating on a large scale.

Analytix Data Services provides data integration software and technology services to deliver data integration and business intelligence solution to its customers. The AnalytiX: Mapping Manager solution, is the first enterprise solution which comprises both a metadata & data mapping repository which solves the “Pre-ETL” Source-To- Target mapping problem and promotes better data quality surrounding the entire data mapping process to make the process faster, more collaborative and more manageable.

Information that decisions and processes depend on is created and stored in many formats — databases, spreadsheets, documents, PDFs, SharePoint, emails, blogs, etc. Attivio solves the long-standing problem of information isolation by integrating enterprise search, business intelligence and analytic capabilities to provide answers and intelligence — not just data.

Attivio’s Active Intelligence Engine is a leading unified information access platform. It rapidly delivers comprehensive, high-value customized data insights regardless of application or data source. AIE supports SQL and simple search-style queries to retrieve information via reports, dashboard and custom interfaces.

Backbase designs portal software for medium and large organizations that want to improve their online channels to maximize customer experience, retention and conversion. They deliver next generation powerful web 2.0 e-Business functionalities to increase revenue and acquire and retain customers. With Backbase you can turn your portal in a Customer Engagement Platform. Backbase helps financials to create a new user experience layer on top of their existing systems that combines content, data and functionality from different underlying systems into fresh customer dialogs. Backbase’s white-label Bank 2.0 Portal software enables financials to deliver online banking services across multiple devices (including tablets and smart phones).

Composite Software provides Data Virtualization solutions to connect users and applications to information from disparate sources. The Composite Data Virtualization Platform is data virtualization middleware that brings together data from multiple, disparate sources anywhere across the extended enterprise into a unified, logical virtualized data layer for consumption by nearly any frontend business solution including portals, reports, and appliications

DataStax Enterprise is the only Big Data platform powered by Apache Cassandra, the massively scalable NoSQL database. DataStax enables customers to run their most critical applications in a continuously available architecture, even across multiple datacenters and the cloud. We are a fast growing software company with over 200 customers, ranging from startups to 15 of the Fortune 100. DataStax Enterprise not only delivers production-ready Cassandra, but also goes one step further by integrating the best of breed Big Data technologies, Apache Hadoop for analytics, and Apache Solr for search, all managed graphically through DataStax OpsCenter.

Global IDs is a Data Governance Software provider. Our software is used by some of the world's largest companies to automate data management across global information landscapes. Our products and services address the integration requirements of those companies whose data is spread out across a hundreds of systems and databases. By executing thousands of parallelized data management tasks in a synchronized manner, we are able to significantly reduce the cost of data governance, and create value out of existing information assets.

Hortonworks develops, distributes and supports the only 100% open source distribution of Apache Hadoop explicitly architected, built and tested for enterprise grade deployments.  Formed by the original architects, builders and operators of Hadoop, Hortonworks stewards the core and delivers the critical services required by the enterprise to reliably and effectively run Hadoop at scale. Get started with the Sandbox: our personal Hadoop solution and learning platform at

Infosphere is a branded product line from IBM under its Information Management Software brand and includes several products that focus on information integration. Infosphere is a comprehensive platform for key initiatives such as warehousing, application consolidation/retirement, single view, information governance, big data, identity resolution and application improvement.

Informatica provides data integration software and services that enable organizations to gain a competitive advantage in today’s global information economy by empowering them with timely, relevant and trustworthy data for their top business imperatives. Informatica’s products span several technology disciplines, including Data Quality, Information Lifecycle, Data Replication, Data Virtualization (Federation), Cloud Integration, Enterprise Data Integration, Master Data Management, Event Processing, Messaging, Data Masking, and B2B Data Exchange.

Kalido is the leading provider of business-driven information management software. Kalido enables companies to accelerate and automate the end-to-end process of integrating, managing and analyzing information to support business decision making, while reducing operational cost and risk. Kalido software has been deployed at more than 300 locations in over 100 countries, including 20 percent of the world's most profitable companies as determined by Fortune Magazine.

MapR delivers on the promise of Hadoop with a proven, enterprise-grade platform that supports many mission-critical and real-time production uses. MapR brings unprecedented dependability, ease-of-use, and world-record speed to Hadoop, NoSQL, database and streaming applications in one unified Big Data platform.

ParAccel is a venture-backed company focused on developing a next-generation platform purpose-built from the ground up for analytic workloads. At the core of ParAccel’s platform is a high performance analytic database, designed specifically for the fastest query performance at any scale. Surrounding the analytic database is an extensibility framework that imbeds a comprehensive array of analytic functions and supports the ondemand integration of a variety of structured and unstructured data and analytic results, available at the point of execution.

Platfora Big Data Analytics masks the complexity of Hadoop, making it easy for customers to understand all the facts in their business across events, actions, behaviors and time. Our Big Data Analytics 3.0 solution is unmatched by other tools, allowing an organization to follow the "customer journey" over time and through every digital touchpoint.  To learn more, visit and follow @platfora on twitter.

Revelytix enables a new paradigm in knowledge management, a Distributed Information Management System (DIMS) providing the ability to locate, access, and understand any enterprise data store. DIMS allows companies to instantly combine and analyze any combination of data, regardless of location - functionality desired for nearly 20 years and now available from Revelytix. Revelytix combines deep engineering expertise in semantic architecture, semantic data modeling, knowledge sharing, and data integration. Our principal management team has been working with data virtualization and distributed database management technologies for 14 years.

Semantelli is a Compliance Ready, Life Sciences Specific, Social Media platform that can enhance CRM, Market Research, Drug Discovery and Competitive Intelligence. Adverse Event detection and management is native to Semantelli architecture.
Sample entities that could be monitored by Semantelli:

  • Health Care Professionals (to find the digital and social profile )
  • Pharmaceutical Brands (to find social sentiment and unmet customer needs)
  • Disease States (to gather market and competitive intelligence)
  • Medical Conferences (to find emerging KOLs and topics)
  • Adverse Events
  • Off-Label discussions

Semantelli also provides trends and insights by automatically classifying unstructured data found in Social Media, Web and internal data sources such as call center and CRM systems into 50+ pre-defined categories.

Smartlogic specializes in Content Intelligence. Smartlogic's Semaphore is a Content Intelligence Platform which complements an organization’s investments in Enterprise Search, Business Intelligence and Content Management to provide effective, rapid and accurate control of, and access to, unstructured content with a speed, accuracy and intelligence not achievable today through existing systems that are strained from high data volume. Semaphore has a highly scaleable rule-based classification engine that gets its instructions from rules generated automatically from the ontologies it manages. This means that classification is authoritative, consistent, transparent and of a higher quality compared to using probablistic/statistical methods.

TIBCO Spotfire is a comprehensive software platform that allows customers to analyze data, using predictive and complex statistics in the analysis. Spotfire is a self-contained BI platform specializing in interactive visualization. It has a unified front-end architecture that leverages common security, administration and metadata, and strong data lineage capabilities. Spotfire offers above-average integration with extended BI platform capabilities, particularly in the areas of data mining, predicative analytics, data quality, MDM, BAM, and BPM.

StatSoft is a global provider of enterprise and desktop software for data analysis, data management, data visualization, data mining (also called predictive analytics), and quality control. The Enterprise line of Statistica products is designed for multi-user, collaborative analytic applications. The Enterprise Platform provides the ability to make the analytic capability available via a standard web browser whereas the Desktop line of products is designed for deployment on a single workstation. Both product lines features a selection of automated and ready-to-deploy data mining solutions for a variety of business applications.

Teradata is the world's leading analytic data solutions company focused on integrated data warehousing, big data analytics, and business applications that provide actionable business intelligence. They deliver integrated, purpose built platforms based on the most powerful, scalable, and reliable technology platforms. Teradata is a massively parallel processing system . Their Active Enterprise Intelligence technology consists of hardware, software, database, and consulting. The system moves data to a data warehouse where it can be recalled and analyzed.