Knowledgent is a purpose-built Industry Information Consultancy that provides advanced Information Management and Analytical (IM&A) solutions with industry-specific specialization in Financial Services, Life Sciences, Healthcare and Commercial markets. Knowledgent was founded with the mission to help an enterprise become more information centric. We chose this mission because while information has been recognized as a strategic corporate asset, its importance has now reached an inflection point: corporations that don’t learn to innovate through information and compete on analytics will be left behind by those that do. Extreme volumes of data are now being generated by systems, machines and the Internet, representing an unexplored ocean of data with unlimited potential. Mining this data can produce highly instructive predictions about products, markets, customers and human behaviors.

Knowledgent is a first-in-category firm, built from the ground up to combine IM&A advisory and delivery capabilities with vertical domain knowledge. While our core capability is comprised of competencies that address business and IT strategy, business analysis, program management, information management and Big Data analytics, the context in which we approach any problem is the vertical industry of our clients.
Every associate in our firm is an Informationist – a specialist skilled at curating, managing, refining, analyzing or visualizing information for the specific purpose of increasing the value of that information. We achieve this through a progressive refinement of data along the value chain of data, information, knowledge, insight and foresight.
One of our key differentiators is the unique skillset of our talent base – “diagonal skills” – in which every Knowledgent Informationist specializes not only horizontally in the disciplines of information management and analytics, but also possesses in-depth domain knowledge of our clients’ industries.
Knowledgent helps its clients maximize the value of their information by innovating through information. By partnering with Knowledgent to develop new ways of combining structured and unstructured data using the latest techniques (e.g., semantic analysis, predictive modeling, social media mining, big data analytics and data visualizations), Knowledgent clients find and capitalize on transformative opportunities afforded by this information. They gain competitive advantage with optimized customer experiences, improved financial results and additionally with minimized business risks.